“Demonic” Abortion Doctor Accused Of Gross Negligence


NBC 7 in San Diego is reporting that the Medical Board of California has accused 73 year-old physician, Dr. Robert Santella, of gross negligence in patient care, and unprofessional conduct in connection with a bizarre altercation outside a local abortion clinic last year.

The 25-page accusation filed July 17 by the Medical Board also claims Santella over-prescribed narcotics to six patients and botched an abortion on another patient. Additionally, the Board cites Santella’s “aggressive” and “outrageous” behavior outside an abortion clinic on Miramar Road in June 2016 as a cause for revoking his license.

As described in the accusation, pro-life activist Zephaniah Mel, urged Santella to “stop murdering babies.” In response, Santella “aggressively pressed his face to within inches of the activists face and angrily replied ‘Why?'” According to the accusation, “When asked if he did that to babies, Santella replied in a guttural tone, ‘Yeah, I love it!'”

In an interview with NBC 7 Investigates, Mel said he felt threatened when Santella approached him with the scissors. You can see the creepy exchange here:

Of course this isn’t the first time Santella has gotten in trouble with the state medical board. NBC 7 also reported that in 1983, the Board placed Santella on five years’ probation for gross negligence and incompetence. In 2000 was placed on a four-year probation term for failing to maintain adequate medical records.

It comes as no surprise that the strange doctor Santella has gotten numerous one-star reviews on Yelp.com by former patients who called him both a racist and a misogynist. He’s also gotten 1.2 stars out of a possible 5 star rating on Webmd.com patient rating page, and a 3.2 out of 5 on Health Grades Inc.


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