Demonic Teen Vogue Publishes Article Teaching Kids About “Ecosexuals”

Just when you think Teen Vogue couldn’t possibly get any worse, you find another article they’ve published encouraging kids to engage in weird forms of sex.


The latest in degeneracy from Teen Vogue is an article about “ecosexuals.”

The article actually makes the ridiculous claim that having sex with the earth will save it.

This is a whole other level of environmental craziness.

Apparently some perverted liberals sat down in a room and tried to figure out how they could make environmentalism a sexual orientation.

In case you’re wondering exactly what “evosexualism” entails, here’s a video from Rebel Media on the topic.

According to Teen Vogue this sick idea is a “growing” trend.

At least, that’s the hope of ecosexuality, a movement of artists and activists who believe one problem in the struggle to save the earth from mankind’s horrific destruction is our outlook on what the earth means to us in the first place. Their goal? Turn Mother Earth into Lover Earth.

Teen Vogue quotes an ecosexual by the name of Anna Morgan as stating that the practice is, “a means of moving beyond the ‘depressing Al Gore stuff’ that people often associate with environmentalism.”

“The idea,” Teen Vogue writes, “is that you save the earth by having fun, and also extremely intimate, consensual experiences with it, which would make a lot of sense, if there weren’t so many better ways to actually save the earth.”

Consensual? What the…

So let’s get this straight. Progressives attack Christians for speaking with God but they think they can not only communicate with inanimate objects in nature but have “consensual” sex with them as well?

Crazy environmentalists want you to literally have sex with plants.

They actually think this is a way to save the planet.

Let’s face it, liberals are so insane they will say or do anything to push their sick agenda!

First there was homosexual, then bisexual and now we have transgender and ecosexual people.

Maybe the reason the state of society keeps getting worse is because outlets like Teen Vogue keep pushing this type of garbage on our children.

Watch The Activist Mommy burn a copy of the disgusting magazine Teen Vogue:


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