Devastated Mother Whose Teen Committed Suicide After State Intervened In Gender Transition Issues Heartbreaking Warning

Screenshot: YouTube

Last week, a panel of mothers whose children have been impacted by public school and state policies regarding supposedly trans-identifying minors shared what they’ve learned—and suffered—in an open discussion for The Heritage Center.

Among the mothers was Abigail Martinez of California, whose daughter, Yaeli, was removed from her custody over her resistance to the state’s involvement with her gender identity and desired treatment before the teen ultimately took her own life by stepping in front of a train, as The Christian Post reported.

“I don’t want this to happen to any other family,” the devastated mother said, wiping tears away from her eyes.

Martinez explained that Yaeli had begun experiencing depression in middle school as she suffered bullying from her classmates.

When the girl began to tell her mother that she felt like a boy, school administrators and child services were already involved, “trying to ‘help’” her transition, but Martinez resisted, remembering her “girly-girl” daughter who liked to dress up like a princess.

Yet the school principal ultimately told social services it would be better if Yaeli was “out of the house,” and another panelist later noted that her daughter was told if she was removed from her mother’s custody, the state would pay for her gender transition.

“I tried my best to get her back, going to court every single month. I never missed a court date because I wanted my daughter back,” she explained.

“When I went to court, I asked the judge to please let my daughter have a psych evaluation,” Martinez continued. This request was denied, however, because the school counselor insisted Yaeli just needed to be affirmed as transgender.

Martinez was also warned that she could not talk about God, because this would make her daughter “uncomfortable,” and that “he’s in danger of committing suicide.” The bereaved mother says was what hurt her the most.

Despite the court’s intervention, Yaeli, who identified as Andrew, ultimately took her own life. Losing a child, Martinez told the audience, hurts so much its hard to breath.

January Littlejohn, another panelist, also recounted a similar experience with school administrators who went as far as to hide from her that they were affirming her daughter’s gender transition to the point of using female pronouns in their discussions with her, but using the girl’s preferred pronouns and new name at school.

“They took away my ability to protect my daughter when they did this,” she explained.

“When parents are excluded from decisions about their child’s health and well-being at school, it sends the message to their children that their parents’ input or authority is no longer needed.”

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