Did General Mattis Just Overrule President Trump’s “Transgender” Military Ban?


When President Trump announced he was reversing the Obama decision to allow “transgenders” in the military, he was praised by his base for protecting both the “transgenders” themselves and the rest of the troops from embedding people with high rate of mental illness from the stresses of the service.

Yesterday, it was announced Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is essentially freezing President Trump’s decision in favor of a policy review, meaning that transgender members of the U.S. Military will currently be allowed to keep serving.

President Donald Trump had announced on Friday that he had signed a memo that would ban transgender recruits from the military, and ordered Mattis to study the issue further before implementing the changes put in place by the Obama Administration.

Mattis has responded by announcing that he has a panel of experts that will make a recommendation at a later date regarding “transgender” individuals in the military. Again, Mattis is effectively freezing in place the current Obama-era policy allowing “transgenders.”

General “Mad Dog” Mattis may be earning his nickname with this decision, and not in a good way.

What many people are left wondering is who is running the White House. President Trump…or the generals?


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