Digital At-Home “Health” Classes Teach Children Watching Explicit Videos Is Normal


As children across the nation have been kept from school in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, parents may have been heaving sighs of relief that their children would not be exposed to “comprehensive sex education,” if only for a short time.

That was, of course, until Amaze, an increasingly popular sex ed cartoon series targeting middle and high schoolers, announced to parents that they would be making resources available to give their children lessons on pornography, masturbation, and abortion.

In an email sent to subscribers, Amaze announced:

In light of COVID-19, we’re rolling out an at-home sex ed series via our Facebook page. Every weekday we’ll share helpful videos, infographics, and resources to help spark important conversations at home. This week we’re all about general framing to prepare you for conversations, and then in forthcoming weeks we’ll dig deeper into specific topics. Also, be sure to check out My AMAZE custom playlists (which offer a great way to engage with kids at home!) and our parent resources.

Thank you for including us in this awesome resource roundup Siecus: Sex Ed for Social Change!

Posted by AMAZE Parents on Thursday, March 26, 2020

As we’ve previously reported, Amaze prides itself on offering educators “medically accurate” and “age-appropriate” sex ed resources for children.

“Our first video covers the much-asked question, is it normal to watch porn?” Amaze stated in the announcement, linking to their video on the subject.

“Lots of people watch porn,” the video’s narrator states. “After all, it’s right there and it’s free. And anyway, many people are curious about this sex stuff.”

The only negative aspect of pornography mentioned in the video is that “porn is not real,” failing to mention sexual exploitation and trafficking, videos of legitimate abuse ending up on porn sites, or pornography addiction.

Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) said of the videos:

Is this what considers “honest sex education?” Telling kids that it’s perfectly normal to watch porn doesn’t sound medically accurate or age-appropriate to me, and researchers agree. Studies have shown that porn is highly addictive and has negative and detrimental effects on the brain and behaviors of youth.

In addition to pornography, Amaze will likely eventually lead up to the topic of abortion, offering parents and children its massively biased video on the subject which depicts unborn children as dehumanized circular blobs.

“…While some people don’t believe in abortion,” that video’s narrator says, as a group of angry-looking men appear on one side of the screen, “others believe a pregnant person should be able to have an abortion and not be judged by others. After all, every person should be able to decide what’s best for themselves, their families, and their future.”

Folks, I don’t need to tell you how incredibly dangerous this content is. My prayer is that parents would have the wisdom to reject these resources in favor of God-honoring, legitimately age-appropriate conversations with their children.

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