DISGUSTING: 18-Month Old Baby Murdered Just Weeks After Being Adopted By Gay Couple


We think trigger warnings are for snowflakes, but it is worth noting that this story will make your blood absolutely boil, especially if you are a parent.

A high court in Wales is currently hearing the case of a man accused of fatally injuring an 18-month-old baby just weeks after he and his husband adopted her and her sibling.

Matthew Scully-Hicks, the man accused of the fatal blows that ended the little girl’s life, referred to her “Satan in a babygrow” in messages when she was still alive.

Elsie was taken away from her drug user mother just days after her birth and eventually placed in the home of Scully-Hicks and his company head husband along with her sibling, according to Breitbart London.

Weeks after their placement with the gay couple, Elsie was taken to Cardiff’s University Hospital Wales after the defendant called emergency services to report the child was “floppy and weak”. Days later she died of the catastrophic head injuries that the defendant is accused of inflicting upon her.

The court is accusing Scully-Hicks of breaking the little girl’s ribs, leg, and ankle, and fracturing her skull and is using messages he sent during the weeks he cared for Elsie to suggest he was “struggling to cope” with caring for the children.

In the messages, Scully-Hicks described his irritation that Elsie was having a “proper diva strop, which is annoying” and the next day having “another diva strop at teatime”.

Again, this little girl was 18-months-old, had been separated from her mother, no doubt spent her short life in the care of strangers, and was just placed in an entirely new environment.

Scully-Hicks, however, obviously feeling nothing for the girl, only thought about himself, complaining in the messages he was “going through hell with Elsie”, and writing that “Mealtimes and bedtimes are like my worst nightmare at the minute …She’s been up there screaming for 10 minutes non-stop she’s just stopped but I doubt that’s the last I’ll hear tonight.”

The Daily Mail reports that neighbors said they could hear Scully-Hicks shouting “shut up you little f***ing brat” and “Shut up you silly little c***” sometimes while loud music was playing.

It is absolutely heart-wrenching to think of poor little Elsie, struggling herself to cope with her new environment, home, and the regular troubles of a 1-year-old’s life in the purely evil clutches of this psychotic and narcissistic man.

Prosecutor Paul Lewis QC said that “Within two weeks of Elsie’s formal adoption by the couple, we allege that the defendant had inflicted fatal injuries upon her.”

“We allege that his actions were the tragic culmination of a course of violent conduct on his part towards a defenseless child – an infant that he should have loved and protected – but whom he instead assaulted, abused and ultimately murdered.”

It is hard to imagine this man won’t be locked up for what he did. Let’s pray the court does not hold back giving him everything he deserves for this despicable crime.