DISGUSTING: Texas Professor Teaches About “Sexual Pleasure and Response In Infants”, Suggests “Field Trips” To Preschools


If ever there was a story that will make you want to cling to your precious children and fight off any threat against them like a mama bear, it’s this one.

According to The College Fix, a University of North Texas psychology professor recently offered a lesson titled “Sexual Pleasure and Response in Infants.”

Yes, you read that right and yes, it gets worse.

It is also suggested in this course that students take “field trips” to preschools and elementary schools to observe and take note of children’s “sexual interactions.”

The lesson plan on sexuality in infants, which can be read here, is from Our Sexuality, the course’s listed textbook.

“One section of the document, titled ‘Teaching Ideas,’ suggests that instructors take students on a ‘field trip’ to observe children possibly engaging in ‘sexual interactions’ during recess hours,” The College Fix explains.

The textbook suggestion for a “field trip” reads, in part:

“Take the class to a local elementary school playground, or ask permission for a few of your students to attend various school playgrounds, preschools, or daycare centers during recess to observe behaviors of children.”

“Ask students to note interactions between same-sex and mixed-sex groups. Which group was more frequent? Which behaviors were most frequent? What kind of touching did children engage in? What about teasing behaviors? Were there any overtly sexual interactions? What was the age range of the children being observed? Have students write a report comparing their observations with information in the text.”

Disturbingly, the textbook does not give clear instructions to professors or their students to notify the parents or teachers of the young children they would observe. Leaving that detail to the discretion of the professor, it’s simply encouraged that students creep around playgrounds and watch children for signs of sexual activity.

The College Fix reached out to one of the textbook’s editors, Karla Baur, who reported that neither she nor the late Robert Crook, the other editor, wrote the instructor’s guide that suggested these “field trips”.

“[The publisher] typically contracts out that part of a revision. From my perspective, this ‘field trip’ seems rather odd, potentially problematic and fruitless,” Baur stated. “I’m not aware of any professors having assigned it – but I’d certainly be interested in students’ reactions to the proposal!”

“I can say that as an instructor I have never used that activity and I would be quite surprised if any instructor has asked their students to observe children on a playground,” said Laura Widman, the textbook’s current editor and a professor in North Carolina. Widman added that she’d like the field trip suggestion removed from the text.

Why stop at editing out the unsavory suggestion that sex-focused college students linger around playgrounds? Why not simply lob off any part of the book that ascribes any sexual motives or proclivities to children whatsoever? Even better, why not toss the whole book in a bonfire and encourage college students to learn something useful and beneficial to society?

As you can see, the entire purpose of the admittedly “offensive and controversial” course, as defined by its syllabus, is to push the envelope on what may be considered “normal” in human sexuality:

1. To describe human sexuality from historical and multicultural perspectives.

2. To define major theoretical perspectives that influence the scientific study of human


3. To explain the significant research methodologies within the discipline.

4. To examine the socially constructed nature of sexual identities.

5. To describe how sexuality overlaps with various social institutions, like education, media, family and government.

6. To recognize the changing nature of social norms.

People, if we allow academia to codify the changes of “social norms” when it comes to human sexuality, it will never stop. Children will be targeted, sexual “love” between them or toward them will be celebrated and legally protected, and all boundaries of morality will be torn down.

Once the “sexuality” of children—even infants, dear Lord—is accepted and promoted, is there any turning back? We must not allow this assault on our children!


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