Disgusting Video Shows Daycare Workers Playing With Sex Toys In Front of Toddlers!


When you drop your child off at daycare or preschool, do you really know what is going on when you walk out that door?

A shocking video out of Chandler, Arizona was recently captured on Snapchat and turned in by the concerned boyfriend of an ex-employee.

The video shows two daycare workers playing with sex toys, absolutely dying with laughter, and even passing them off to the children to handle themselves.

A disturbing Snapchat video showing workers from a Chandler daycare playing with sex toys in front of children has many parents furious. STORY: http://bit.ly/2gudMtO

Posted by ABC15 Arizona on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

According to a statement from the daycare center obtained by ABC15 Arizona News, the employees were terminated and the police are investigating the incident which took place at the SuperKids Daycare Center.

ABC15 reported this morning that the police are looking for the two women who performed the act, and ask for the public’s cooperation in locating 24-year-old Fatina Sawyer and 21-year-old Janae Peterson. If anyone has any information on their whereabouts please contact the Chandler Police Department at (480) 782-4105.

A third woman, 21-year-old Janae Peterson, has already been arrested for witnessing the event and failing to report it.

When ABC15 posted the video to their Facebook page, several former employees commented, painting a very troubling image of this daycare center. This is apparently not the first time concern has been expressed about the way it is run or the way employees treat the children there.

These former employees describe an environment in which daycare workers were doing drugs, being left with large groups of children and no assistance, and uninvolved management.

From the ex-employees’ comments, it seems the state has already been notified several times and that the daycare center passed the inspection every time. One former employee suggests that this might be because a close relationship between daycare center management and the state employee who was performing the inspection.

The post was, of course, full of comments suggesting that this was an excellent reason why children belong at home, and it’s true. The best place for small children is always at home with their parents, for many reasons, but protection from this kind of disgusting mistreatment is one very big one.

Of course, not everyone is able to stay home with their small children, so take this as a warning to be very, very cautious about who you trust to watch your children!