Disney Funding University Grant Program to Make Pro-Abortion Films

Photo by Héctor Vásquez on Unsplash

Disney has partnered with NBCUniversal and Google to fund a grant program for film students to make films using “political storytelling” to promote “reproductive rights.”

The University of Southern California’s “Reproductive Rights Accelerator Program” is being offered through the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative (AII) division for Communications and Journalism, which Townhall notes describes itself as “the leading think tank in the world studying diversity and inclusion in entertainment through original research and sponsored projects.”

The initiative is meant to tell stories of how abortion can be used to make “somebody’s life easier.”

“With the curtailing of reproductive rights, it is not only necessary to find legal solutions to protect marginalized communities, but it is essential to educate and inform audiences about these topics… entertainment has a unique ability to reach viewers and provide that education,” AII founder Stacy Smith said in a press release.

“Our goal is to illuminate how many opportunities there are to use storytelling as a tool to expand the conversation and create substantial attitude and policy change.”

The $25,000 grant program is being funded by corporate giants Walt Disney World, NBCUniversal, and Google and will be used to support student film projects aimed at conveying a “new focus of reproductive health and political storytelling.”

“Reproductive rights” is a semi-euphemistic term used for proponents of legal abortion, whose core moral assertion is that women (or “people” as the language is evolving to refer to abortion-seeking individuals) have the “right” to terminate unborn life in the womb.

This comes months after Disney threw itself in the middle of one of the country’s most heated political debates when it openly opposed Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which restricted sexuality education in younger grades.

The company publicly vowed to combat the law and to integrate more LGBT characters and storylines in its productions, citing in a leaked internal meeting a “not-so-secret gay” agenda.

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