Disneyland Backs Down, Allows Boys To Participate In “Princess For A Day” Program

In simpler times, things considered to be gender-appropriate were not open to so much interpretation. That’s just not the case anymore.


As some folks see it, birth gender is not set in stone. Social justice warriors stamp their feet up and down really hard to attempt to make the world change to serve the needs of the very few.

For the most part, the debate revolves around adults that have decided that their gender is somehow a fluid thing. However, there is an alarming rise in the number of parents that are either making those decisions for their children, or teaching their kids that they can be whatever gender they so desire.

Again, we’re talking about the very few – but it does lead to some precarious situations for those that never even thought of the possibility that they would have to deal with such a situation.

Case in point: Disneyland Paris.

As NBC News shares, “Disneyland Paris apologized after a 3-year-old was told he could not take part in a “Princess for a Day” experience just because he is a boy.”
While there’s no word on whether the child’s parents are raising him with the idea that gender fluidity is a personal choice, there’s some head scratching evidence coming courtesy of an open letter that his mother wrote on her blog.

“I knew that there would be NOTHING he’d love more than to get to wear a pretty dress, put make up on like Mummy does and have his photo taken being one of his beloved Disney Princesses,” Hayley McLean-Glass wrote, according to NBC.

I was so angry, I literally couldn’t stop shaking for half an hour afterwards — I was just so shocked,” she said during an interview with ITV, NBC adds. “I mean, I’m his mother and if I’m OK with him doing it, who are Disney to tell me that he can’t do that?”

Many liberal social media users joined in on the criticism too.

The park ultimately caved to the backlash, and we now have further confirmation that society remains on a frightening downward trajectory.

Of course, both boys and girls are welcome to enjoy The Princess For a Day experience in addition to all our other special activities,” a statement from Disneyland Paris reads in part, NBC reports.

NBC News