Distinguishing Between Fact and Fiction in the Roy Moore Scandal


This week, everyone is talking about Roy Moore. The news cycles and social media are abuzz with all the latest accusations and rumors against the controversial senatorial candidate from Alabama.

He has been accused of some terribly immoral things, and many on the right are distancing themselves from him and calling for him to step down from the race.

Yesterday afternoon, his latest accuser held a tearful press conference in which she told a story of a horrendous experience she allegedly had with Moore when he was in his 30’s and she was 16.

If the accusations against Moore are true, these women should not be doubted or brushed off simply for the sake of political expediency. If he is guilty of the charges made against him, every decent conservative should certainly denounce him, and Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, will be the first to do so.

On the other hand, in spite of the severity of the allegations, we should still treat the accused as innocent until proven guilty. No one should be destroyed by lies, even people we don’t like. Crying “Wolf!” when there isn’t one actually hurts those who sincerely cry “Wolf!” later. False accusations of molestation make the true accusations less believable in the future; in addition to destroying an innocent person, it hurts molested women who try to come forward later.

There have been significant inconsistencies in the stories of Roy Moore’s accusers. To begin with, why are these accusations coming out now? There’s no indication these four women in the Washington Post article know each other, and they all come public at the same time just after the deadline when the Republicans can replace Roy Moore’s name on the ballot. Every inch of Roy Moore’s life has been scrutinized under the media’s watchful eye in several hotly contested statewide races, and for decades he has been under the spotlight in national free speech cases that stole headlines across the nation. And they come forward with these accusations now, so close to the election, with so little time for an investigation to prove innocence or guilt? It’s almost like they want the Democrat elected more than they want to hurt Moore!

In the latest accusations, Beverly Young Nelson claimed that Moore met her when she was working at a restaurant he frequented. She says Moore used to flirt with her and ask her out, and even asked to sign her yearbook. Her story is heart-wrenching, but her facts are lacking. It is almost too perfect that she happens to have the yearbook signature from Moore signed “Roy Moore, D.A.” and is dated, complete with the name of the restaurant.

Too perfect indeed.

Shortly after the accusations broke, Elizabeth received word directly from the Moore campaign that there was one glaring inconsistency in the story: Moore was never the D.A. of Etowah County. When the accuser claims he molested her, he was working as the Deputy D.A., so he would have never written “D.A.” next to his name.

Beyond the obvious discrepancy that Moore was not then, nor was he ever a D.A., the signature is also dated in December.

Who signs yearbooks in December?

Last night, journalist Thomas Wictor uncovered several inconsistencies with the yearbook signature. The “7”s in the writing are clearly written differently. Even the untrained eye can see that. There were at least two people writing that phrase in the yearbook, or one person doing a poor job of trying to imitate someone else. It appears to be a forgery, as Roy Moore asserts.

To top it all off, multiple witnesses on record testify they were offered money to accuse Moore of wrongdoing by the Washington Post – the same newspaper that officially endorsed Moore’s opponent.

Something very fishy is going on here.

Why does everyone believe the unapologetically biased Washington Post, the pro-abortion and pro-transgender feminist attorney Gloria Allred, and Moore’s accusers, but so few believe Moore? Who has proven their integrity even to the point of losing their job twice to stand for the Ten Commandments and traditional marriage? Compare that to Moore’s accusers, who have multiple bankruptcies, multiple divorces, shown they’re willing to forge a signature to destroy an innocent person, and whose attorney pioneered the Abortion Holocaust that has slaughtered 60 million Americans?

A finger has drawn a clear line in the sand. Would you have sided with the prophet Daniel’s false accusers who sent him to the lion’s den, or the patriarch Joseph’s false accuser who sent him to the dungeon? Or would you have stuck with the one who proved their integrity? As for me and my house, we’ll stick with Moore.