Disturbing: Indiana Lawmaker Files Physician Assisted Suicide Bill


If you have any sort of doubt that we live in a culture that seems to be obsessed and infatuated with death, the recent bill to be filed by a state lawmaker in Indiana will certainly give you some food for thought.

It’s quite clear, if you look at the sheer number of abortions happening in America, that life is not valued and treasured as it once was, nor as it is commanded in Scripture.

However, abortion isn’t the only evidence for this shift in our culture. The rise of support for physician assisted suicide also points toward a devaluing of human life consistent with progressive ideology.

In fact, support for this horrific act is spreading across the country, including Indiana, where a bill was just introduced to make doctor-assisted suicide legal in the state.

Fox 59 is reporting:

Now, State Rep. Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) is hoping to bring such a piece of legislation to Indiana.

During a press conference on Thursday, Pierce announced that he had filed an “end of life option” bill. A second attempt by Pierce, who filed a similar bill last year.

“I think most legislators recognize there’s some controversy around this type of bill, and quite honestly they’re nervous about getting out in front of it,” Pierce said.

Pierce says the current version of the bill is modeled after the state of Oregon’s end of life option law. If the bill passes, Indiana would be the sixth to adopt such a law, joining Oregon, California, Colorado, Vermont, and Washington D.C.

According to Pierce, the process for pursuing a life-ending prescription would boil down to roughly 10 steps. Those steps would include:

A physician diagnosis of terminal illness

A prognosis of death within six months

A written request to the department of health

Two witnesses and a physician to confirm patient is competent and acting of their own free will

Physician provided alternatives and identification of potential risks

Informed consent

A 15-day waiting period

A second written request

A Second physician certification

Attending physician can then prescribe life-ending medication.

The law also mandates the medicine used to end a person’s life be self-administered.

While this is all pretty sad and terrifying, what’s even more frightening is that according to a Gallup poll conducted back in 2015, 70 percent of Americans are in support of physician-assisted suicide.

That’s an alarmingly high number of people who think it’s okay to murder yourself if you’re terminally ill. This is a huge change in our culture from the way we used to value life.

Our lives are gifts from God and as such, we’re not allowed to just do whatever we want them, no matter how much pop culture might tell us otherwise. God forbids murder, and that includes murder of the self.

It also demonstrates a lack of faith in God, a lack of trust that He knows what is best for our lives and possesses the power to overcome even the worst of suffering and circumstances we might endure.

Be praying for Indiana and other states considering this kind of legislation to not support it and to instead stand boldly for life to the honor of God.