Disturbing Satanic Prayer Opens Local Assembly Meeting, Sparking Walkouts and Protest


It seems as though wickedness and immorality are prevailing all around us in this present world. Christians are losing ground, socially and politically, at an alarming rate. Not only are politicians abandoning traditional Christian values, but now we are seeing open worship of Satan in local government meetings.

In Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly held a meeting last Tuesday with a member of the Satanic Temple giving praise to Satan in the opening “prayer.” Satanic Temple member Iris Fontana urged the people in attendance to “eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil” as she prayed to Satan at the meeting in Soldotna, near Anchorage.

“Let us demand that humans be judged for their actions,” she said, as reported by the Peninsula Clarion. “That which will not bend must break, and that which can be destroyed by truth should never be spared [a] demise. Let us cast aside our differences to use reason, logic, science, and compassion to create solutions for the greater good of our community.” She then closed her “prayer” with, “It is done, hail Satan.”

This is a very disturbing prayer. “That which will not bend must break”? Is this a reference to Christians who are unwilling to compromise their biblical standards and viewpoints to the world’s demands? It sure sounds that way.

Her prayer seems to be passive-aggressively calling out Christians and she even uncomfortably closed with words similar to those the Lord Jesus Himself spoke while hanging on the cross for the sins of the world: “It is done.”

What is done? The battle of good vs evil? Whatever she meant, we certainly know that is finished, so invoking Satan is of no avail.  Jesus Christ defeated Satan on the cross of Calvary and it’s only a matter of time before He returns to crush His adversary once and for all. For now, however, we have to continue to endure the madness of this fallen world.

Spiritual warfare is being waged all around us and this is a perfect example of why Christians need to stay alert and ready to invoke the name of Jesus. Several people walked out of the meeting on Tuesday and joined about 40 protestors outside who were doing just that.

The Western Journal reports:

Assembly members Norm Blakeley and Paul Fischer, with Chief of Staff James Baisden and Mayor Charlie Pierce and some members of the public walked out in protest.

The use of a Satanic prayer to open the meeting was subject of an online petition to stop the prayer.

“Are immorality, corruption, and vice what we expect our public officials to promote? Evil is being accepted by the public as Satanic actions like these break the barriers of horror we still have of evil,” the petition said.

Exactly. These kinds of occurrences only further desensitize us to the evil that lurks in the shadows. We can’t see the battle that is around us but the Word of God tells us that it’s there in Ephesians 6:12.

Prayer to Satan should never be used to open government meetings in the United States of America. Pray for the folks up in Alaska who are under the leadership of this woman and of others who have invoked the name of Satan in prayer. Keep in mind that the battle has already been won and now is the time to fight on. Faint not, Christian soldiers.

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