Disturbing: Ten-Year-Old “Drag Queen” To Launch “Drag Club” For Children


It’s no secret we live in a society where sexual deviancy is being pushed on our children through pop culture and public school sex education, but the level of depravity we seem to be hitting is getting ludicrous.

Those who are big fans and supporters of the LGBT agenda have been doing their best to force their worldview and lifestyle on the rest of the country, going to any lengths necessary to normalize behavior like crossdressing, transgenderism, homosexuality, and much more.

Part of this normalization process is indoctrinating kids with the idea that these practices are “natural” and are things to be celebrated, things that make people “diverse.”

A great example of this is the “drag club for kids” being put together by a ten-year-old drag queen, a child who has been severely twisted up by an increasingly perverse society and culture.

CBN News is reporting:

Ten-year-old Desmond Napoles is a self-described ‘drag queen,’ a male who dresses in female clothing. His drag club is touted as a “positive, encouraging and safe online community for drag kids to connect with one another.”

When Desmond was age six, he started asking his parents to buy him princess costumes and dresses. Concerned, they consulted a therapist who advised them that the best parenting was to do nothing and let the boy dress as he wanted.

In June 2015, Desmond took part in Gay Pride in NYC, wearing a rainbow tutu.

Then his mother’s friends set up a Facebook fan page for him called “Desmond is Amazing,” which the boy adopted as his “drag name.”

The 10-year-old says he is gay.

On his website he writes, “People should be able to dance, sing, or dress in any way. You can express yourself however you want. You can just do you.”

If this doesn’t make you simultaneously sad and sick to your stomach, you aren’t grasping the depth of what’s happening to this poor, confused child who is having his sin encouraged and even fostered by his own parents.

It’s pretty clear this young man is having some issues both spiritually and psychologically speaking. What many in our society refer to as “transgenderism” is really “gender dysphoria” and while Napoles may not be embracing that sort of lifestyle fully, the crossdressing is putting him pretty close to the line.

This is a child who is only ten-years-old, someone who cannot drive or vote, who is already being allowed to make decisions regarding his sexuality and identity that could have devastating consequences for him that last a lifetime.

God makes it clear that both crossdressing and homosexuality are sinful behaviors that are destructive to the soul and a blight on the glory of God inherently contained in those made in His image.

Let’s pray Napoles and his family hear the gospel, repent of their sins, and turn away from a lifestyle of wickedness to the joys and pleasures of obedience to Christ.