Doctors Accuse Parents Who Refuse Trans Procedures of “Neglect,” Advise Children To Seek Treatment Anyway


The gender affirmative model of healthcare in America is destroying families and harming children. There are no two ways about it.

Medical “transitioning,” however, is an industry worth big bucks, and the voices of doctors within that industry are working overtime to drown out all dissent.

In an article published last year in the Journal of Medical Ethics of the BMJ (British Medical Journal), authors call on doctors and children to “override” parental refusal to consent and receive puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries without their approval, claiming that parental dissent is a form of medical neglect.

The article, titled “Medically Assisted Gender Affirmation: When Children and Parents Disagree” was written by Dr. Samuel Dubin, a plastic surgeon at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, and his colleagues.

The authors claim that there is a lack of guidance for providers of “gender-affirming” medical treatments as to handling reluctant parents of gender dysphoric children.

The article begins, stating its “mission”:

Our discussion approaches this parent–child disagreement in a manner that prioritises the developing autonomy of transgender youth in the decision-making process surrounding medically assisted gender affirmation. We base our arguments in the literature surrounding the risks and benefits of gender-affirming therapy in transgender children and the existing legal basis for recognising minors’ decision-making authority in certain medical situations.

“We conclude that situations where a parent prevents a minor from receiving treatments related to gender dysphoria violate the Harm Principle and justify state intervention,” Dubin and colleagues assert.

“Neglect, as a medico-legal term, can be used to initiate an evaluation by Child Protective Services and remove a parent as a child’s legal guardian in the most severe instances,” they add, pointing to others in the trans industry who recycle the narrative that “gender-affirming therapies … improve quality of life, decrease depression and decrease high-risk behaviours.”

The article continues:

[R]esearch supports invoking parental neglect when youth who experience extreme gender dysphoria are prevented from accessing medically recommended gender-affirming interventions. This course of action as a recourse for parent–child disagreement over gender-affirming medical interventions requiring consent is consistent with the established understanding of paediatric ethics and thresholds for over-riding consent.

BMJ authors also appeal to authority, arguing that “current gender-affirming medical practice” is in accord with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). According to Breitbart, however, WPATH is little more than a vehicle for its creators, psychologist John Money and sexologist Alfred Kinsey, to push their leftist ideology.

“This is not a scientifically based organization,” Atlanta-based pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Quentin Van Meter told Breitbart back in 2018. “It’s essentially a pseudo-professional group of people who are pushing an agenda and have been since the beginning.”

“To be a member in WPATH, you only need to have an interest in transgender issues,” Van Meter explained. “There is no professional degree required, no training specifically, no certification. If you want to be a member, all you need to do is pay your dues.”

Van Meter added that guidelines published by the Endocrine Society “are essentially a rubber-stamped version of the WPATH guidelines.”

The article authors also cite a 2016 statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which suggests that “children begin involvement in their medical decisions in a developmentally appropriate manner beginning at age 7, with a graduating involvement based on age and disease experience.”

Seven years old?? How can a child that age possibly grasp the cascade of possible complications, both physical and psychological, of “transitioning?” They can barely decide what they want for breakfast at that age!!

Last year, Dr. Michael Laidlaw, an endocrinologist in California, argued that medical societies such as the AAP and The Endocrine Society “have created an institutionalized childhood pathway towards sterility.”

In a rebuttal to the Endocrine Society’s official statement on gender affirmation, Laidlaw said:

It’s really critical to understand that our medical organizations beginning with the Endocrine Society and moving on to the Pediatric Endocrine Society and American Academy of Pediatricians, that, with respect to this topic, have been taken over by the most radical elements. These radical trans activists were involved in writing the Endocrine Society guidelines in 2009 and 2017. These are low to no quality evidence guidelines, and anyone can read for themselves the poor evidence they have for these treatments for children and adolescents.

These groups, Laidlaw said, have been infiltrated by radical gender ideologists bent on creating “one of the most insidious child sterilization programs ever devised.”

Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, told Breitbart that Dubin and colleagues “make the case for a child’s right to self-consent to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and body-modifying surgeries – with state override of resistant parents.”

“Parents are already losing their children over this issue,” she said.

Dr. Cretella continued:

Sadly, with a few exceptions, the medical establishment is placing sexual ideology and profits above children’s health and well-being. While opposition to the transition of youth is being painted as a “right-wing” movement, this label cannot apply to the Australian College of Physicians,  the Royal College of General Practitioners in the United Kingdom, and the Swedish National Council for Medical Ethics, all of whom characterize prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in youth as experimental and dangerous. Similarly, world-renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Christopher Gillberg has referred to this as “possibly one of the greatest scandal­s in medical history” and his neuro­psychiatry research group at Gothenburg University has called for “an immediate moratorium on the use of puberty blocker drugs because of their unknown long-term effects.”

There you have it in plain black and white, folks.

If your child believes he is a she, or vice versa, medical professionals will immediately take his word for it and conspire with him to set him on a path of dangerous medical procedures against your will. 

Our children are being bombarded with transgender propaganda in schools, libraries, and media. The deck is truly stacked against them. We cannot sin-proof our children, but we must guard their hearts to the absolute best of our abilities to shield them from this wickedness!

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