Doctors On TikTok Encourage Kids To Get Vaccines, Birth Control Without Parental Consent


“Yet another social media app has turned out to be an avenue for strangers to prey on children and encourage them to sneak behind their parents’ backs to acquire secret medical treatment. This time, however, they’re strangers with medical degrees.

Tiktok is a popular new Chinese app (which, ironically, is available and popular in virtually every country except totalitarian China) in which users film their own short music videos. It has been among the most-downloaded apps worldwide for the last two years and is especially popular among young people.

According to Chicks On The Right, it’s also popular among doctors looking to convince children that they can—and should—take advantage of laws allowing them to receive vaccinations, birth control, STD screenings, and more without their parents’ knowledge.

In one video that went viral and allegedly sparked death threats, a doctor taught her young followers that vaccines prevent a battery of infectious diseases:

Fair enough, we won’t even touch the issue of vaccine efficacy, but don’t you think that’s a conversation to be had, you know, in your office with people who are actually your patients? Telemedicine shouldn’t be conducted via social media, folks!

Another doctor (who, we’ll admit, has considerably fresher dance moves) used the app to encourage kids to seek sexual health services without discussing it with their parents:

“Did you know??” the caption in the video begins. “You can see your doctor WITHOUT your parent.. 1 For birth control 2 STD screening 3 STD treatment 4 For a pregnancy test 5 To answer your questions about sex (and give scientifically accurate information)”

“And if you’re 12 or older,” the video continues, “I will (politely) ask all adults to exit for part of the visit to have a CONFIDENTIAL conversation about your health! It’s the LAW. So let’s talk!”

This is beyond unacceptable! We hire doctors to provide a service. They are our partners in our healthcare, but they are not our partners in raising our children and do not have final authority in making medical decisions for them!

Add TikTok to the long list of apps to block on your child’s devices!

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