Doctors Say Medically “Transing” Children Is A Medical Scandal

Photo by Tim Evanson Some Rights Reserved

A growing number of doctors are warning that the aggressive pursuit of so-called “gender affirming healthcare” for children is a medical scandal perpetuated by establishment academic, media, and political pressure.

The Christian Post’s documentary-style podcast, “Generation Indoctrination: Inside the Transgender Battle,” features interviews with doctors who say that activism within the medical industry have weaponized claims of bigotry and narrow-mindedness to protect the practice of using hormone drugs and surgery for gender dysphoric minors from scrutiny.

Dr. Quentin Van Meter, a pediatrician and president of the American College of Pediatricians, says that the messages from proponents of gender treatments for children is that “if you don’t believe what we say then you are bigoted and hateful.”

“That’s kind of the starting point. And it’s sort of an unspoken truth because if anybody does really come outside the box and say ‘Whoa, this isn’t right,’ they are immediately attacked,” he said.

Dr. Andre Van Mol, a family medicine practitioner in California, said that most laypeople have no idea of the extent of the corruption and extreme procedures being done on minors.

Although members of the media and politicians often claim that children are rarely undergoing any extreme treatments for gender dysphoria, Dr. Van Mol shared that a colleague of his had shocked a group of federal lawmakers who were also doctors when he shared details of the work done by NIH grant money-funded pediatric gender clinics, which included the administration of hormone drugs to children as young as 8 and children as young as 13 undergoing double mastectomies.

“It’s just unbelievable if you didn’t know it was happening. And it shouldn’t be, and it won’t be happening long. This is all going to go down. But we don’t want to wait until it simply goes down by the weight of its scientific frailty” and low-quality scientific data, he said.

“When the kids in the families that have gone down this path and then are devastated by it, don’t just sue the doctors and hospitals but the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical firms, the biotech companies, all the way up the chain,” Van Mol also said. “That’s when this thing is going to stop because it’s going to be shown that it is not the cash cow that it is now.”

Like Dr. Van Meter, bioethicist and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Lahl explained to the podcast that the dramatic rush to subject children to gender-reassignments is part of a larger chain of corruption within the medical community.

“I hear from medical students all that time that they have very little ethics training,” she said, having explained that as sense of common ethical codes within medicine are waining, doctors are becoming more like service providers than healers, more privy to the whims of the patient than his or her tangible medical needs.

“All of these conglomerates have a massive health platform, and so they are integrally tied to the medical-industrial complex. The medical-industrial complex is driving these identities for profit, so they are going to drive them through these media platforms,” journalist Jennifer Bilek also told the podcast of the broader establishment web of support for gender treatments for children.

“They’re all sending these same messages at the same time. It’s pretty wild how it’s all connected.”

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