DOJ Report Reveals FBI Fumbled Larry Nassar Case As He Continued to Abuse Women and Girls


A watchdog report has revealed that the FBI seriously mishandled the case of Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor who abused dozens of women and girls during his time serving the team.

The report also revealed that during the time the FBI was originally made aware of complaints against him, he molested more athletes.

On Wednesday, Department of Justice inspector general Michael Horowitz revealed in his report that the FBI failed to act on accusations against Nassar “with the utmost seriousness and urgency that the allegations deserved and required.”

This was the case “despite the extraordinarily serious nature” of the allegations.

FBI officials, he said, made “numerous and fundamental errors” and committed multiple violations of the bureau’s policies with the information they received, failing to alert state or local authorities about Nassar’s alleged crimes or to take any further steps to prevent Nassar from further abusing anyone.

CBN News notes that over a 14-month period that the FBI had been made aware of the suspected ongoing abuse, 40 women and girls say Nassar molested him in his capacity as the team’s doctor.

According to The Epoch Times, two FBI officials lied when being interviewed by the IG’s office to downplay or cover for the errors that had been made. One of these individuals was an unnamed supervisory special agent, while another is now-retired special agent W. Jay Abbot.

Horowitz’s report also accused Abbot of making false statements not only to the FBI, but to the media in 2017 and 2018 about how the case had been handled by his office.

What’s more, he also discussed a possible job on the U.S. Olympic Committee while he was working the Nassar case — an unthinkably blatant conflict of interest.

Earlier this year, Olympian Simone Byles, arguably the greatest gymnast of all time who has revealed that she was one of Nassar’s many victims, charged that USA Gymnastics had “100 percent” failed her and the other athletes who he preyed upon and that she would not want her daughter to be involved with the organization.

“I don’t feel comfortable enough because they haven’t taken accountability for their actions and what they’ve done,” she told 60 Minutes in June.

Nassar is currently serving a 60-year sentence for charges relating to child pornography and has also been sentenced to up to 125 years and 175 years, respectively, in two separate Michigan cases relating to sexual abuse.

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