Donald Trump Jr. Spikes In 2024 GOP Primary Polls That Don’t Include His Father


As speculation grows as to whether former President Donald Trump will be pursuing a third bid for the White House in 2024, his son, Donald Trump Jr., appears to have the potential to perform well in such a race himself were his father not to run.

Disrn notes that while Don Jr. trailed former Vice President Mike Pence by 10 points in polling at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference in a hypothetical 2024 primary race that did not include the former POTUS, a new national poll shot the former first son to the top.

Nationwide polling from McLaughlin & Associates shows that the younger Trump, who has performed well in polls when the same question was asked in November and December, it appears, has shot to the top of the list among many Republican primary voters.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis led the polls of primary race favorites excluding Trump at CPAC with 43% of the vote.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem came in next at 11% and Don Jr. garnered just 8% of the CPAC polling.

In the nationwide poll, however, Don Jr. enjoyed 21% to Pence’s 15%. DeSantis came up close behind with 9%, as did Texas Senator Ted Cruz, while Noem came in at just 2% of primary voter support.

The pollsters noted that while the CPAC crowd was a far more unified group of voters, their most recent poll reflects the full span of Republican voters across the nation.

Don Jr. always took a prominent role among his father’s surrogates and it’s long been speculated that he might also enter into politics.

He has floated a possible run for mayor of his hometown of New York City, and has for five years displayed the same comfort in front of a crowd and frank, familiar manner as his father.

The former first son’s affinity for hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors is something he’s pointed to as giving him more of a connection with regular, everyday Americans than the average Manhattan business tycoon’s son.

“Politics allowed me to actually be who I was more so than the guy in a boardroom in New York City,” Don Jr. told Secrets. “It’s the guy who I was on the weekends. I was acting, per se, when I put on a suit to be in a boardroom. You know, I actually understand the base because I live with the base. These are my friends. These are my people.”

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