Dr. Frank Turek Explains How To Address The “Transgender And Bathrooms” Topic As Christians


Dr. Frank Turek posted a video on Facebook earlier this week that explains how Christians should address the topic of “Transgender and Bathrooms” with others.

Turek uses the example of a 5’9″ white man telling people that he’s a 6’5″ Chinese woman.

Or within the context of an eating disorder like anorexia. Typically, people who suffer from anorexia have a dysphoria that seemingly disconnects their physical state with their mental state. While they might feel as though they’re very much over weight, those who suffer from severe anorexia are seriously under weight or well on their way.

“This idea that you’re different from your biological sex is a psychological disorder.”

Turek went on to say that when you suggest a person has something wrong with their heart, they don’t take offense. When you suggest a person might have something wrong with their brain, however, society treats it as a reason to take offense—but it shouldn’t be.

“Why do we do that? Why is it that if you say ‘i have a bad heart,’ there’s no shame in that, but if i have a bad brain, there is shame in that? I don’t think there should be.”

Another speaker in the video adds that the American Psychological Association “has become such a political lobby.”

“Isn’t interesting that around 1972, They lobbied not based upon scientific breakthrough, but simply for political maneuvering, that homosexuality was no longer a psychological or emotional disorder.”

Here’s the clip:

As Christians, this is an important topic to be prepared to address, as it’s been a common one in headlines over the past few years.

We must be armed with facts and arguments that defend against legislating the transgender bathroom issue.