Draconian! Canada Forces Christian Schools to Host LGBT Clubs and Strips Parents of Authority!


We better hope and pray the US does not go the way of Canada when it comes to their government’s disregard for parental authority.

While Canada is a Western, developed nation that many would probably consider democratic and free, their laws regarding LGBT rights are borderline tyrannical.

Earlier this year, Ontario passed an Orwellian law that would allow the government to take gender confused children away from their parents if the parents did not approve of a transgender lifestyle.

Now, Alberta has passed a similar bill that will force some schools to allow gay-straight alliances to be formed and also bans schools from informing parents if their children have joined a GSA.

This is just another reason to homeschool if you live in Canada, folks!

LifeSiteNews reports that Bill 24, or the Act to Support Gay-straight Alliances, ” forbids schools telling parents their child has joined a ‘gay-straight alliance’ without the child’s consent, regardless of the child’s age” and “nixes a previous exemption for private schools, which will now have to allow gay-straight alliances (GSAs) if a student requests one.”

“The bill compels all schools to tell students they have the legal right to form a GSA,” LifeSiteNews explains, “and to establish anti-bullying policies banning discrimination based on gender identity and expression and sexual orientation.”

“Every single school in Alberta that receives public dollars must have a policy that clearly allows students to form a GSA,” says Education Minister David Eggen, who has already ordered two Christian schools to allow a GSA should the students request one.

Even worse than forcing a Christian school to violate their own conscience is to remove the role of the parent to be involved in their child’s interest in a GSA club at all, says Donna Trimble, the executive director of Parents for Choice in Education.

She explains that parents should be incredibly concerned about the passage of this bill, which will “enforce secrecy, strip professional decision-making authority, remove sexual content opt-out provisions and replace a parent’s loving care with the strong arm of the state, all under the coercion, consultation and supervision of a select few.”

Ted Byfield, the founder of the Alberta Report and Christian historian wrote on his blog that these “sex clubs,” are “not confined to the provision of information and a place of social congeniality for ‘sexual minorities’.”

Rather, he says, GSAs “will pre-eminently serve as missions to foster and perpetuate the forms of conduct which those minorities represent, and which virtually all the great religious traditions of the world denounce unequivocally.”

Byfield is absolutely right. This is about much more than simply normalizing homosexuality, it is about normalizing all sex that occurs outside of the confines of the heterosexual marital unit.

Parents, listen up: you are the parents. No one has a right to snatch your children out from under you and brainwash them with immoral views of sex and relationships. Don’t ever lose your spine and let you or your child think that their school, or government, has more authority than you do!

Bring them up in the way they should go, and through thick or thin, they will not depart from it!