Drag 101 Class Featuring Child Drag Queen CANCELLED After Pressure From Activist Mommy


Over the last few years, we have shared with you several incidents of Drag Queen Story Hours taking place at public libraries, cases of child drag queens performing in a highly sexualized manner for adults in bars, and all manner of pro-crossdressing, pro-gender confusion events for children.

We share all this with you for two crucial reasons: to protect children and to empower parents to do so.

Our one single word of encouragement in the face of these types of events, which seem to be multiplying by the day across the US, particularly in the heartland, is that you can make a difference. 

The longer we stand idly by while it becomes normalized for men dressed like women to read stories to little children the more our children will be exploited.

The time to stand up and regain our country is NOW.

We’ve got a great instant success story to share with you that reflects the power of this platform, which you have helped us to grow.

This week, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, received word that a venue in Ohio was hosting an all-ages Drag 101 event, reportedly set to feature “Miss Mae Hem,” the 9-year-old drag queen whose exploitation inspired local lawmakers to try to get child drag events banned.

In April, AP reported:

The drag queen performance of a 9-year-old boy at a bar outside Ohio’s capital city has prompted a state legislator to propose a law aimed at closing what he says is a “loophole in child exploitation laws.”

The Blade reports legislation proposed by Rep. Timothy Schaffer, a Lancaster Republican, would update child endangering laws to prevent performances by children that simulate sexual activity and appeal to “the prurient interest.”

Schaffer says Ohio can “do better” to protect children.

When Elizbeth caught wind of this event, which would feature the young “Miss Mae Him,” she took matters into her own hands and called up the manager.

“I called management this morning and warned them that we would start a national campaign giving them bad press if they did not cancel the event,” she says.

Well, what do you think happened?

Within a few hours, they called her back, and told her the event had been canceled!

“The sheer size of our audience is enough to scare the mess out of private business owners!” Elizabeth says.


This, dear friends, is the power of parents who are willing to stand up and defend what is right, wholesome, and good.

For far too long, parents and Christians have lacked the backbone to stand up to the progressive left’s gender insanity and fascistic political correctness. But no more!

You CAN make a difference and you CAN help us take this country back. Are you with us?

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