Drag Queen Photographed With Children Lying on Top of Him Blames the Kids for Incident


As you may recall, back in July we reported on a drag queen in Portland, Oregon who was photographed lying on the floor of a library with small children piled on top of him. Now, Anthony Hudson, the drag queen performing as “Carla Rossi,” is actually blaming the children for his inappropriate behavior and subsequent backlash.

The original incident took place back in October of 2018 when Hudson posted a story very different than the one he is telling now on Instagram. He posted a picture of himself with two children lying on top of him with the caption, “Drag Queen Storytime yesterday ended with a death drop on a bubble wrap dance floor as the babies crawled all over Carla Gulliver’s Travels-style, and I have the best job in the world.”


While it sure sounded like Hudson was enjoying this inappropriate frolick on the floor with the children, he now claims it was all just one big accident instigated by the children.  

LifeSiteNews reports:

Shortly after LifeSiteNews drew attention to the troubling scene in the Portland library,  Rossi’s gleeful tune changed. In a subsequent Instagram post, he said he didn’t so much want to “set the record straight” as “break it altogether.” 

“The photographed kids knocked me over and piled on me, and I laughed with them and their parents and the library director and told them we had to get up as I tried to look out for my bad hip in the process,” said Rossi.

“What would you do differently if kids having a Cher dance party — on bubble wrap — knocked you over in six-inch heels and a floor length rainbow caftan?” he asked.

The pictures most definitely do not depict Hudson telling the children to get up. They don’t even depict Hudson attempting to get up. Rather, he and the children are posing and gleefully smiling at the camera. The pictures are disturbing, to say the least, and his excuse is a sham.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Hudson would attempt to play it off as though he wasn’t responsible and that the photos were nothing like what they looked like. That’s the whole shtick of the Drag Queen Story Hour, after all: drag queens pretending the events are something different than what they actually are. We’ve known all along that Drag Queen Story Hours are hardly about reading stories to children as much as they are about grooming children into becoming gender-confused LGBT members and future sexual abuse victims.

Hudson’s attempt to blame the children and paint this occurrence out to be some spontaneous, fleeting moment of innocence is pathetic.

Despite the negative attention garnered by Hudson’s “Carla Rossi” character, Portland’s St. John’s Library is still planning to use him in upcoming events such as the “Teen Drag Workshop,” which is scheduled for September 21. This event will brazenly indoctrinate teens and teach them how to be drag queens and all about “the vast abyss of drag and its potential.”

How ironic that they chose the word “abyss” to describe the dubious “art” of drag. Its potential to lead young, impressionable children and teens astray down the dark path of gender confusion and sexual depravity and indecency is most likely not what they are referring to, but this is the reality.


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