Drag Queen “Selena T. West” Encourages Followers to Call CPS on Activist Mommy


As a result of standing firm against the increasingly popular “Drag Queen Story Hour” programs and other supposedly “kid-friendly” drag events in public venues, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, has been repeatedly slandered, doxxed, and even threatened with violence.

Now, the most ardent drag-for-kids proponents are taking a new approach: encouraging their followers to call Child Protective Services to report Elizabeth Johnston for child abuse.

This is in addition to constant online harassment and even death threats from some individuals. 

The Ohio Star reports:

Johnston has had to hire security, and Gale is encouraging people to file false reports with Children’s Services through social media as “Selena T. West” in order to get the Johnston’s children removed from her home.

Ohio State Senate candidate Melissa Ackison, who, along with Diane Stover of Ohio Value Voters, exposed the exploitation of a nine-year-old “drag kid” who danced for adults in a bar in Lancaster, Ohio earlier this year, has been the victim of similar threats.

“We were called ‘haters’ and ‘homophobes’ for wanting to protect children from publicly-funded programs that normalize and glamorize behavior that can be damaging and confusing to young minds,” Ackison said, according to The Ohio Star. “One of the drag queens called these classes ‘the grooming of the next generation.’ It’s just sick and twisted what some in our culture think is good for our children. Now look who’s making threats, doxing us and instigating violence!”

These are some of the most vicious threats we have ever seen—we must be hitting a nerve!

“It’s projection,” Ackison continued. “It’s nothing new. These people, everyone on the Left who hates Christians and traditional values, they accuse us of the very things they themselves do.”

Let’s face it, folks, these are simply the fruits of a vendetta that Kyle Gale (who performs as “Selena T. West”) has against the Activist Mommy for successfully shutting down the disgusting “Drag 101” program slated to take place in a public library last month.

When asked our followers to politely convince the Delaware County Public Library that a publicly-funded venue was no place for such a brazenly sexualized program for anyone—let alone children—the library, albeit begrudgingly, did the right thing.

Rather than hear us out and understand our stance that drag is not an art form appropriate for children (if you consider it to be an art, that is), Gale instead resorted to slander and making false allegations that the Activist Mommy had encouraged threats of violence to stop the event.

The Ohio Star, however, vindicates us in their report:

The Ohio Star discovered there were no threats investigated by police in Delaware County, and no police reports filed by anyone supporting the class. Both the Delaware City Police Department and the Delaware County Sheriff were contacted a second time and both law enforcement agencies confirmed, again, that no police reports were ever filed.

“To my knowledge nothing has changed, we did not take any offense reports related to this event, and there is no active investigation,” said Captain Adam Moore of the Delaware City Police Department in his July 2 email to The Ohio Star.

These drag extremists are out for vengeance. They don’t care about the truth. They don’t care about justice. They’re beyond that. They want to see us suffer.

Saints, we can’t grow weary in this fight. We can’t hide away while our children are targeted by their predatory agenda. We cannot give up.

Please sign our petition to send a message directly to the American Library Association and urge them to put an end to this hideously inappropriate and damaging attack on innocent children!

It’s one thing for these sick people to threaten Elizabeth Johnston, but threats against her children have been made as well. If you are able, we ask that you also consider making a donation to the security detail they have been forced to hire, lest any of these people act on their disgusting, hateful words. 

Please keep The Activist Mommy lifted in prayer!


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