Drag Queen Simulates Cutting Baby Out Of His “Womb,” Drinks Blood


WARNING: This article contains highly graphic content

A sickening Facebook post went viral last week after glorifying two things that leftists seem to adore most: gender confusion and abortion.

The video, originally shared on social media by a drag queen named “Blair Back,” features the “performer” simulating the gruesome murder of a pre-born baby by its own mother, all while an audience stands by and cheers.

For those who do not want to watch the video for themselves—which is certainly understandable—we will synopsize the gruesome content.

Cannibal Drag Show Madness

Cannibal Drag Show Mocks Cutting Baby Out Of Stomach & Drinking Blood

Posted by Abolish Abortion in America on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The footage begins with Back dressed in a women’s white jumper and a fake pregnancy bodysuit, giving him the appearance of having a baby bump.

As ‘Cannibal’ by Ke$ha (a song that is disgusting enough in its own right) plays in the background Back reaches for a knife and begins stabbing into his fake belly.

A person sitting on the bar next to Back, whom we honestly can’t tell is another drag queen or an actual woman first reacts with shock before getting up and walking out of the frame as Back shows off fake blood from inside the “belly.”

Back then proceeds to pull what appears to be a sponge soaked with fake blood and squeeze it over himself while rubbing it all over his clothes in a suggestive manner. Next, he fishes a plastic baby doll out of the fake belly, licks it, and rubs it on his body. 

Back continues on, rubbing himself and drinking more of the fake blood, until the vile climax of the song comes and he rips the baby doll’s head off and—you guessed it—rubs it on himself some more. The moment he does this, his audience begins shrieking with glee and applauding him ferociously.

Back finishes the song by whipping the doll around in the air before tossing it at the audience, which erupts in applause.

When posting the original video, Back defended his “work” by saying, “No babies were harmed in this video. The baby is made of PLASTIC!!! I’m wearing a pregnant belly costume I got online!!! The blood is fake!!! And the organs r [sic] fake as well!!!!!”

Back also argued that his performance had nothing whatsoever to do with abortion and that the drag show in which he was performing was a “cannibal-themed” show. Commenters also mocked the disgusted backlash of the video by jokingly assuring pro-life commenters that real abortions do not include stabbing a woman in the belly and ripping her baby apart.

Perhaps pregnant women don’t stab themselves in the bellies to abort their unborn babies, but babies are certainly dismembered. And what’s the difference, anyway? Are abortion procedures, which end the life of a human baby and in many cases end up with body parts being harvested from the baby, any less violent or immoral? 

The left can try to soothe their consciences with the “clump of cells” argument all they want. Deep down, they know the truth. They know that abortion, simply put, is the killing of a baby—and they celebrate it. 

And let’s not even start unpacking the irony that so many pro-aborts claim a man can’t have an opinion on abortion. Apparently a pro-life man is an abomination to these people, but a man pretending to be a woman and violently murdering “his” unborn baby in a perverted, fetishistic way is a-okay with these folks.

It’s hard to know whether to weep, punch something, or lose your lunch. 

This show combines all the most offensive aspects of the modern left’s fascination with drag and the dismemberment of unborn human children. 

If this disgusts you, however, remember that in spite of the sick and very telling graphic imagery of this absolutely sick “performance” it wasn’t a real murder.

Every single day in this country nearly 3,000 real, unborn human babies are ripped from their mothers’ wombs and, in many cases, dismembered. This is to say nothing of the practice of “harvesting” intact organs from them, sometimes as they’re even still alive.

This is what is truly sick and disgusting. 


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