Drag Queen Story Hour Founder Reveals The “Gender Magic” And “Priestess Energy” Of Drag Shows


If you needed yet another reason not only to avoid but to help end Drag Queen Story Hours, here it is.

Michelle Tea, DQSH founder, author, and feminist apparently has another title on her resumé: occultist.

Tea, author of Modern Tarot: Connecting with Your Higher Self through the Wisdom of the Cards and several other feminist firestarters, describes herself as “a little bit of a witch.”

What do you know? A woman who wants to confuse young children with exposure to men who enjoy dressing up as gaudy women for fun is also into the occult.

In a single episode of “Witch City,” what appears to be a scrapped web series for Nylon Magazine, Tea travels the country in search of an “empowered, amazing life” with some guidance from modern witches.

First, Tea visits fellow author Mya Spalter in Brooklyn, New York in hopes that she will share some “badass witch secrets so [Tea] can feel like a stronger female in this world.”

“What does it mean to be a modern witch?” Tea asks Spalter. Spalter responds, “Being a modern witch means doing the same things the ancient witches did, someone who uses the things that they have around them in their home, in their culture, in their neighborhood to build the sort of practice that they want to have.”

Spalter then shows off her “altar” to Tea, complete with pictures of her ancestors, candles, and a skull.

Tea then moves on to meet Banu Guler, the CEO and “boss witch” of Co-Star, a popular astrology app. Guler explains the complexities of “signs” to Tea, elaborating on sun signs, moon signs, and other superstitious garbage.

Next, Tea heads over to a nightclub to meet with “drag witch” Coleman Drew and learn some “gender magic.”

Yes, seriously. Gender magic. And they call us crazy when we associate LGBT indoctrination with the occult?

“By day, Coleman works at one of the longest-running witch shops in the US, but by night, Coleman transforms in to drag queen ‘Judy Darling,'” Tea says.

“This is ceremonial magic, in a way,” Drew says as he and Tea apply makeup. “I’ve set out an altar that I pray to the great ‘Judy Darling,’ and people come, and I am a shaman in a bar.”

“There’s something about the way that people used to, eons ago, seek out the priestess and seek out that priestess energy. Do you think that is one of the things that draws us to drag shows? To kind of get that hit of the divine feminine?” Tea asks.

Drew, careful to remind Tea that he doesn’t “identify as a woman” and is therefore only an “idea of feminine,” whatever that even means, agrees wholeheartedly that people visit drag shows today in order to tap into “divine femininity.”

Good grief.

How funny that Tea talks out of one side of her mouth to say that DQSH has no “agenda to indoctrinate children” and, out of the other, to praise the notion of “gender magic” that she believes is inherent in drag performance.

As Tea notes, modern witchcraft is becoming increasingly trendy among young people, and it invariably goes hand-in-hand with extreme leftism.

Talk about having “no agenda.”

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