Drag Queens Plan Protest At Missouri Capitol Over Bill That Would Ban Story Hours


As we reported last week, Missouri Rep. Ben Baker (R) made a bold move against the onslaught of Drag Queen Story Hours on taxpayer-funded libraries.

House Bill 2044, the Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act, would require any library that receives taxpayer dollars to create a review board composed of five parents elected from the community. The board would be given the final authority over any explicitly or implicitly sexual material within the library.

We didn’t think for a moment that these story hours’ ardent supporters would let this bill advance without a fight.

Thanks to LGBT news outlets like LGBTQ Nation who ran the sensationalized headline that Baker “wants to jail librarians who allow drag queens to read books to kids,” hordes of gender-benders are preparing to descend on the Missouri capitol on March 7th in protest of the bill.

“Queens, Kings & everything in between!” reads the Facebook event page for the protest by a man calling himself “Cher Nobyl Kennedy.” “It’s time we stand together at the Missouri State Capitol! Even if you don’t do drag, but support drag queen storytime – come support and rally with us!”

“We will be heading to Jefferson City, MO in full drag to show senators & legislators that we aren’t the monsters here,” the event description continues. “That all we are doing is providing a space for learning and getting kids excited about reading. Knowledge is power! So join us at noon on the stairs of the state capitol, and make a sign if you wish. And please share this event, let’s make this huge!”

While Baker denies that his legislation would ban the books since they would be moved to a “restricted” area of the library, he doesn’t deny that his motivation is the recent “drag queen story hour” trend that has performers reading age-appropriate books to children.

Unsurprisingly, DQSH proponents are trying to obscure the more sinister side of the event’s purpose and promote it as nothing more than a fun, lighthearted way to promote literacy.

“You’re talking about people in big, poofy dresses telling stories in funny voices and trying to get kids interested in reading, which I think we should all want,” Tanner Rambo, a local promoter who is organizing the protest, told the Springfield News-Leader.

Meanwhile, DQSH’s founder was literally just chatting it up with a drag queen about the “gender magic” flowing from drag performances.

I think it’s fair to say this is about a bit more than just encouraging kids to read.

“Just knowing that there are children being exposed to the agenda being pushed by the LGBTQ community is alarming, but even more so when the vehicle in these situations is our taxpayer funded public libraries,” Baker told LifeSiteNews.

According to the bill, the parent-led boards would be empowered to hold public hearings and render verdicts on public concerns as to the library’s offering of “age-inappropriate sexual material,” meaning “any description or representation, in any form, of nudity, sexuality, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse” that is deemed “patently offensive” and without “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.”

“Any public library personnel who willfully neglects or refuses to perform any duty imposed on a public library under this section, or who willfully violates any provision of this section, is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year,” the bill states.

What protesters fail to realize is that these penalties are no stiffer than what a librarian would face for willfully neglecting other policies, such as internet filters on library computers.

“The current law on disseminating objectionable sexual material to minors is actually a felony which is a much stricter penalty than what the bill calls for,” Baker said last week. “I think it’s perfectly appropriate to have a penalty for those who would willfully ignore the wishes of the community regarding content or events available for children to view in a public space.”

Folks, Baker and his family have already received death threats over his bold stand against this perversion infecting our libraries. We must continue to lift him up in prayer, speak boldly in his favor on social media, share his story, and, if you are a Missouri resident, urge your representatives to co-sponsor his bill!

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to the ALA to demand that they stop promoting these disgusting events.

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