Drag Queens Turn Into Drama Queens After Library Event is Cancelled


In the last few years, the LGBT mafia has ramped up their efforts to target our children. Whether under the guise of fighting bullying, exposing children to “diversity,” or giving special-needs children a creative outlet, the ulterior motive is clear. This is blatant pro-LGBT indoctrination, at best.

Nevermind the incredible confusion that the bending of biological gender causes for young children, or the fact that this creates the perfect front for abusers to gain access to victims in what should be safe places. Parents, educators, and community leaders are throwing discernment to the wind and lapping up the inclusivity Kool-Aid, and children are paying the price for it.

Our mission here at Activist Mommy isn’t just to promote awareness of these assaults on our values—we want to empower families and citizens to put an end to them.

In the case of a drag queen event for children at an Ohio public library, concerned parents and community members did just that.

At the Delaware County District Library in Delaware, Ohio, a “Drag 101” class was organized by drag queen “Selena West” and set for next month. According to West, teenagers in the area “pleaded” for an event to teach them all about the “art form of drag.”

Because we always give teenagers everything they beg for, no matter how damaging or dangerous it may be, right?

Of course, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that even if drag is a legitimate art form, it is a highly sexualized one that is incredibly inappropriate for children.

Honestly, would you want your children to learn how to do this?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

And, truthfully,  that’s the tamest photo we could find to share from the social media accounts of this “Selena West”.

After learning of this disgusting event, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy,  sent out over 55,000 emails to our followers, encouraging them to politely reach out to the library in respectful opposition. As a result, the library canceled the event.

This is a great victory for concerned parents everywhere but unfortunately, this isn’t where the story ends.

Although the library very wisely listened to the concerns of parents and taxpayers, a new narrative has now emerged. George Needham, the library’s director, alleged that he had fielded several threatening phone calls that led him to “fear for the safety” of library staff, West, and teens in attendance.

Now, we’re going to be perfectly clear. , Elizabeth Johnston and the Activist Mommy team denounce all violence or threats of violence and do not engage in such hateful tactics.

With that said, let’s not be too quick to fall for the allegation that threats, especially from anyone in any way associated with Activist Mommy, were actually made. For one, in his video announcing that the event had been canceled, “Selena” said nothing of “death threats”.

Today homophobia and fear wins

Posted by Selena T. West on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

“I feel really awful for the people who felt the need to call in veiled threats of violence. [Needham] did discuss with me that they didn’t come straight out and just say what they were going to do, but it was very obvious that that’s what they were leaning towards,” West said in the video. “They got a call from a blocked number and it was somebody…pretty much threatening the event.”

In the blink of an eye, West later went from reporting veiled threats of violence to “death threats,” and all without an ounce of evidence.


However, West’s followers have been more than obliging when it comes to making threats and flooding Elizabeth with obscene messages and threats. And, what do you know? Unlike these dramatic drag queens, we have actual evidence of these threats.

“Selena West is running a false victim narrative, which is the LGBT activists’ favorite modus operandi,” Elizabeth explained in an Instagram post detailing this unfolding incident. “Time after time, members of the LGBT community have been caught in lies and fake news about supposed threats and hate crimes which are eventually proven to be entirely manufactured. This will probably end up being another such instance.”

Now that we’ve been successful in ensuring that a taxpayer-funded venue will not be hosting their hyper-sexualized propaganda, they’re latching onto their victim status and lashing out in hate.

The truth is, now more than ever, these people need our sincere prayers.

Seek our wonderful, merciful Father in prayer for these deceived people who are so in love with their sin. The Lord has seen fit to lead thousands of men and women out of the LGBT movement and adopt them as precious sons and daughters—he can do that with Selena West too! The Lord is mighty to save!

As the event has now been moved to a local comic book shop, please pray for the children who will be attending, as well as children across the US who are subject to this gender confusion. We may have protected the Delaware County taxpayer from footing the bill for this inappropriate event, but West and others are still going to be training up young minds to follow this wicked path.


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