Drag Syndrome: The Sexual Exploitation of Persons With Down Syndrome — Anna Bohach


The following is a guest post shared with permission from Anna Bohach of 500 Mom Strong.


What happens when you cross a deviant misogynistic sexual fetish with people who are intellectually disabled? You get a sexually exploitative nightmare that is the equivalent to a turn-of-the-century freak show.

As the mother of a son with Down Syndrome, I am all too aware of the challenges my son will face. Mostly, I am afraid of how other people will treat him. Even before he was born, he was discriminated against for having an extra chromosome. I was encouraged by the medical community to abort him. The world sees him as a burden and I just see him as my beautiful son. Usually, when I hear about people who have Down Syndrome breaking barriers and making waves I am cheering them on and celebrating their success with enthusiasm and support. But I cannot fathom how anyone can celebrate and promote “Drag Syndrome”. It would be the same as supporting and celebrating Down Syndrome sex work or Down Syndrome pornography.

“Drag Syndrome” is a drag troupe started in London by Daniel Vais, a drag performer and choreographer. He has gathered up a group of men with Down Syndrome and exposed them to the dark world of drag. Daniel Vais is a carnival barker intent on mocking women and sexually exploiting mentally disabled men. All one has to do is visit the Drag Syndrome Instagram page to see sexually exploitative pictures and language such as telling people to “cum” to their shows.

Mr. Vais admits that the men in the show initially had no interest in drag and thought it was strange. He pushed the idea of drag on them and convinced (groomed) them it was fun and entertaining. Nothing could be further from the truth. Drag is not fun and it is not entertaining. It is a dehumanizing and demeaning sexual fetish that is akin to a blackface minstrel show. What is the purpose of exposing developmentally challenged individuals to such a perverse and degrading lifestyle? How does this help promote the equality and acceptance of disabled persons when it is merely a tool used to degrade, dehumanize, and sexualize women?

What’s worse is that, according to a private source, Vais does not even pay these “performers”. Talk about exploitation!

When the rights of disabled persons to not be exploited, sexually or otherwise, takes a back-seat to dark fetishes of sexual deviants, that is, the drag community, isn’t it time to take notice? There were a lot of witnesses to the atrocities committed by the Nazis, the Communists, and other progressive leftists, but most people looked the other way and stayed silent. We know what happened next. History is our guide for what awaits us in the future. Why do you think schools stopped teaching history and started teaching Queer Theory? But I digress…

There is no doubt that persons with Down Syndrome can be extremely talented, intelligent, funny and capable human beings. Some of the hardest working and most driven people I know have Down Syndrome. We should always treat these incredible people with the dignity and respect that they deserve. “Drag Syndrome” does none of this. It uses these young men as pawns in a sick and twisted display of perversity used to demean women. “Drag Syndrome” dehumanizes these men. There is no dignity present, only perversion. These men are being sexually exploited and I fear abused by a lifestyle known for sexual deviancy. The drag community is infested with drug use, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual violence. Men with Down Syndrome are more likely to be victims of sexual assault than typical men and they already have higher than normal instances of hepatitis B (a sexually transmitted disease) than the typical population. This is a social experiment that will only lead to disaster.

The progressive left that has been pushing Drag Queen Story Hours and “Drag Syndrome” cares little about the human rights and the dignity of children and disabled persons, much less the rights of women. They regularly push for the extermination of persons with Down Syndrome while they are still in the womb and abortion up to and after birth of all children abled and disabled. They have already fully embraced the idea that men can be women and celebrate womanface, so I guess we should not be surprised when they attempt to shred every bit of dignity and respect that Down Syndrome families have fought for. The future for women, children, and the disabled is becoming ever more bleak under the rule of the progressive left. It won’t be long before mocking them will not be enough for their entertainment and we will be thrown into the fires of their perversity. We must begin to fight against this twisted agenda if we want to have a future for our children.