Dutch Government Recognizes Personhood of Unborn Babies, Yet Continues to Allow Abortion


So often, individuals or bodies of government recognize the personhood of an unborn child and yet continue to allow for the mass murder of these individually created humans.

Sadly, for many women, the recognition of their unborn child’s personhood only comes after they’ve already opted to have it killed in the womb.

The pro-”choice” community may lead us to believe abortion is all about, well, “choice,” but, in most cases, it is an irreversible choice. Once a mother completes a surgical abortion or passes the point where a drug-induced abortion can still be reversed, her child is forever gone.

Many, many mothers, especially those coerced into having an abortion, feel heart-rending regret when the reality of what they’ve just done sets in. While similar to the heartbreak the mother of a stillborn or miscarried child may feel, there is a whole other level of pain in knowing that you had a hand in your child’s demise.

The guilt and the desperation to have your child back can drive post-abortive mothers to profound anguish. Even among those women whose experiences have provoked them to repentance and have flung them into the loving arms of our heavenly Father still struggle with walking in grace and peace in Christ.

In the Netherlands, however, a seemingly insignificant legal formality has been amended in such a way as to provide these mothers some small, yet very welcome, measure of closure. However, it also serves as a stunning example of how a government can both recognize the personhood of a baby and continue to allow them to be murdered.

Thanks to a petition signed by over 82,000 people, repentant post-abortive mothers in the Netherlands have become the unlikely beneficiaries of a new law originally intended to allow grieving parents to register their stillborn children as legal persons in the national Personal Records Database. The child’s name appears alongside their parents in the national population database, as well as the government’s website.

A woman named Yara, who had her baby aborted at just  14 weeks gestation in an Amsterdam abortion clinic, deeply regretted ending her child’s life and hoped that the symbolic act of acknowledging her baby’s personhood would bring healing.

LifeSite News reports:

The officials at Amsterdam’s City Hall, for their part, “received [Yara’s] request with sympathy,” according to [Don Ceder, Yara’s representative], and they even “condoled Yara for her loss” before providing her with a birth certificate for her child and adding her aborted child’s name to Yara’s personal records.

In doing so, Yara has triggered a cultural conversation about life in the womb — and what abortion does to that life. “For all the mothers who will make use of this new law, it is obviously more than a mere formality,” Ceder told the Reformatorisch Dagblad (R.D.). “This is all about recognition and value, for their grief and for the child they’ve carried with them. For me personally it also raised the question: But what does this mean for the way we look at unborn life, including those who were aborted?”

How can the Dutch government both recognize the suffering that these women have gone through and the humanity of their murdered babies and continue to allow abortion to thrive in their nation?

The consciences of each government official who learns of Yara’s case should realize the truth that each and every one of the babies aborted in the Netherlands and around the globe are persons, they are humans, and they bear the image of God, and they need to be protected as such.

How can they truly, at the same time, recognize the personhood of stillborn, miscarried, and aborted babies…and continue to allow this barbaric practice of abortion?

Being memorialized in public record will not bring Yara’s or anyone else’s child back, but her powerful story of abortion regret and healing can, Lord willing, change the minds of many mothers to come.

Please pray for the Dutch government, whose hearts were soft enough to pass this law, to realize the tremendous inconsistency they’ve demonstrated and to begin protecting these precious children.


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