Editor For Newsweek Pakistan Says Child Sex Abuse Leads To ‘Great Art’


There are a lot of sick people in the world, a factual statement that is made abundantly clear thanks to the internet and social media, which has given these individuals a new platform through which to share their deplorable views with the rest of humanity.

A great case in point is Newsweek Pakistan’s editor, Fasih Ahmed, who made a rather sickening and deplorable statement about child sexual abuse that almost seems too horrific to be true.

Ahmed took to Twitter where he posted about how the world will never be rid of sexual abuse against children. Ever the optimist, Ahmed said that such awful acts do lead to “great art.”

Chicks On The Right is reporting:

“The sexual abuse of children will always exist. You can never eliminate it. Sometimes it leads to great art. So there’s also that.”

How did the parent company of Newsweek Pakistan respond to the controversy? With the following tweet:

Check out how folks on Twitter are responding to Newsweeks “solution.”

Ahmed’s statement was extremely disturbing as children are the most vulnerable citizens of any country and as such deserve to be protected with all of the resources that are available.

This man’s careless, evil words should result in some serious consequences, like a loss of employment, so the world can see that Newsweek does not condone Ahmed’s statement.

Anything less than that will speak volumes about the lack of integrity possessed by the publication.