Education Experts Warns Black Lives Matter Movement In Schools Is “Cause for Alarm”


For years, we have been warning of the dangerous ideology of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The statement the name of this group and associated activism movement makes is objectively true. Yes, black lives matter! This is a statement we affirm at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries.

But this statement of the value of human life is a Trojan horse for a decidedly radical political ideology that promotes Marxism, the LGBT agenda, and openly vows to destroy the family unit and capitalism.

This summer, the actions of those who claim to be acting on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement have presented themselves as a physical manifestation of the group’s stated goals for Western civilization.

This hasn’t stopped the ascent of Black Lives Matter ideology into the branding of major corporations, actions of top Democrat politicians, or additions to public school curricula.

Now, an education expert is warning that this educational movement is “cause for deep alarm” and we couldn’t agree more.

Max Eden gave this warning to a very sympathetic Tucker Carlson of Fox News on his program last week, explaining that bringing “critical race theory” into public schools could cause long-term damage to our country as a whole.

Eden’s segment began with an explanation from Carlson that the Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology in Alexandria, Va. one of the country’s top public schools, has recently switched from a “merit-based” admissions system to a sort of “diversity” “lottery,” BizPac Review explains.

By Carlson’s estimation, this could destroy the school over time while “critical race theory will probably flourish, and that’s the whole point.”

Eden agreed, although he noted that it is difficult to say just how “widespread” critical race theory has gotten.

“You see things on social media, you would like to think they’re anecdotes when you see a school district…just put that out there like they’re proud of it,” Eden said. “It’s cause for deep alarm.”

He pointed to Buffalo Public Schools, which have already adopted a Black Lives Matter curriculum, which he said was decided by the “department of culturally responsive education.”

He noted that similar standards have been adopted by New York State education officials, “the architect of which was an education professor who has literally said that it is white supremacism to expect black students to read and speak American standard English.”

Let that sink in for a moment–these integrative curriculum changes are being made by someone who thinks its racist to adequately teach English to black students. How is that not racist?!

What’s more, as Eden explained, a New York school superintendent recently advised against teaching the inspiring success stories of some of our great African American historical figures as “doing so somehow denies or undercuts their ideas of systemic racism.”

How sick!

How on earth can we expect these schools to serve in the best interests of its students if they’re adopting an ideology that undermines the potential of black students to succeed in the first place?

Could you possibly get more backward?

Carlson declared that Americans need to resist the teachings of BLM and CRT which he described as “blood guilt,” the idea that “some people are born with guilt, some people are born inferior, some people are born superior.” He noted that this is a notion long ago rejected by an inherently egalitarian-minded people, and he’s absolutely correct.

If there’s anything that makes our nation unique, it’s that we’ve proved that one’s birth does not determine their potential.

“How common is that lie in our schools?” Carlson asked Eden.

“This really ties into the 1619 Project,” said Eden, referring to the New York Times project which revises history in light of critical race theory.

“This isn’t just being adopted in major school districts. Teachers are taking it into their own hands,” he explained.

“The true purpose of this, according to Nikole Hannah-Jones is to advance reparations,” he explained. Hannah-Jones is the author of the 1916 Project.

“And she has said further than that, that’s her goal because she decided it was more realistic than, and I quote, ‘How can we stop white Americans from being white?’” Eden said.

“Curriculum can’t affect skin color,” he continued. “What this is about is what you’re saying — it’s about blood guilt.”

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