Progressives Cheer At Disturbing Video Of EIGHT YEAR OLD Drag Queen

Progressives on Facebook appear thrilled at a video featuring an 8-year-old boy who enjoys transforming himself into a drag queen by the name of Lactatia.


In the disturbing clip, produced by ELLE magazine, the boy – whose real name is Nemis – states, “Lactatia is the diva-est diva you could ever think of” and insists, “I’ve had Lactatia inside of me since I was born.”

The clip also features Nemis’ mother Jessica, who proudly tells viewers, “we just want our kids to express themselves however they see fit. As long as it’s respectful and they’re nice people we really don’t care.”

Said lack of care is quite evident as – immediately after Jessica’s declaration – Nemis can be seen prancing and swinging from a pole like a stripper as his mother watches on and films.

Jessica goes on to share that – surprise – Nemis first developed an interest in being a drag queen while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality competition show that pits grown men who like to dress up in outlandish female costumes against other grown men who like to dress up in outlandish female costumes.

“I think when he saw that that was an actual art form and they could be whatever they wanted, I think he decided that that’s when drag was going to be, like, his life.”

Jessica further states that she is “overwhelmed with pride” that her 8-year-old son not only knows what a drag queen is but wants to be one.

Later on in the clip, Nemis meets an older drag queen wearing what can only be described as some sort of deviant Teletubbies costume who tells him to keep going and insists, “by the time you turn twelve, you are going to be a weapon of mass devastation.”

See the full incredibly disturbing video below.

Nemis is an 8-Year-Old Boy Who Transforms Into a Young Queen C…

This 8-year-old boy loves transforming into drag queen Lactatia—and he won't let other people stop him from doing what makes him feel accepted: cc: Queen LactatiaMore incredible drag transformations:

Posted by ELLE Magazine (US) on Friday, August 4, 2017

Perhaps the only thing more disturbing than that video itself is the fact that progressives commenting on it see nothing wrong with the pure degeneracy it contains.

Please take a moment to pray for Nemis, his mother, the deviants at ELLE Magazine and the people who think there’s nothing wrong with this atrocity.

ELLE Magazine, Facebook