Elderly Man Cited for Violating SIP Order To Minister Outside San Francisco Abortion Clinic


Following an alarming national trend of pro-life advocates being cited and arrested in spite of observing social distancing requirements, an elderly San Francisco man has been cited while offering lifesaving services to women outside an abortion clinic under the city’s stay-at-home order.

According to KPIX5, police issued a citation to 86-year-old Ron Konopaski last Thursday morning in front of the Valencia Street Planned Parenthood where he has been ministering to abortion-minded women since February.

“I understand the purpose of the stay at home order, although I think it’s a little bit overreach,” Konopaski told KPIX5. “I’m 86 years old. I’ve got to go sometime and if it’s the coronavirus, well, so what’s the difference?”

Konopaski, a Star of the Sea Catholic Church parishioner, argued that he was conducting essential business by providing options to pregnant women.

“Once they get inside, they’re only offered one option and that’s an abortion,” he told KPIX. “And so, we’re outside, to try to give them another choice that they can keep their baby and we can help them with any problems they have.”

Police had talked to him on Tuesday, given him a warning on Wednesday, and finally on Thursday, they wrote him a ticket. Konopaski will find out how much the ticket will cost when he goes to court later this month where he says he intends to fight the ticket.

San Francisco Police Chief William “Bill” Scott told KPIX his department is cracking down on businesses and individuals who repeatedly violate the health order.

Scott announced at a Friday press conference that his officers have already broken up soccer and basketball games at parks and issued warnings to non-essential businesses that did not close.

“We’re not warning you twice. So please heed to these orders. We’re trying to save lives,” Scott said, apparently ignorant of the overwhelming irony of obstructing a man attempting to save unborn lives.

Threatened with arrest if he persists, however, Konopaski says he will not continue ministering outside Planned Parenthood for the time being.

What a wicked society we have that looks on the violent practice of abortion as “essential” during this crisis while folks like Konopaski, David Benham, and more are ticketed and arrested while attempting to offer women the help and support they need to save their babies’ lives.

The Lord will surely judge us for our murderously skewed priorities.

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