Engineers For Twitter Admit to Banning Users Who Tweet God, Guns, And America


It’s long been rumored that the folks behind the curtain at Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms on the Internet, has been targeting conservative users and attempting to silence their voice and opinion, while allowing liberals to have free reign.

Well, as it turns out, that’s precisely what they’ve been doing, and now there’s video proof of the admission that they can’t deny.

Project Veritas, led by James O’Keefe, released some undercover video of several Twitter engineers specifically discussing how they target accounts that express interest in God, guns, and America.

This is astounding.

Breitbart is reporting:

“Just go to a random [Trump] tweet and just look at the followers. They’ll all be like, guns, God, ‘Merica, and with the American flag and the cross,” declared Singh, who was secretly recorded by Project Veritas reporters. “Like, who says that? Who talks like that? It’s for sure a bot.”

After being asked whether he could get rid of the accounts, he replied, “Yeah. You just delete them, but, like, the problem is there are hundreds of thousands of them, so you’ve got to, like, write algorithms that do it for you.”

“So if there’s like ‘American, guns,’ [in the account bio] can you write an algorithm to just take all those people out?” asked one undercover reporter.

“Umm, yeah, it’s actually how we do it,” Singh replied. “You look for ‘Trump,’ or ‘America,’ or any of, like, five thousand, like, keywords to describe a redneck, and then you look, and you parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then look for stuff that matches that stuff… You assign a value to each thing, so like Trump would be .5, a picture of a gun would be like 1.5, and if the total comes up above a certain value, then it’s a bot.”

An undercover reporter then asked Singh whether the “majority of the algorithms” are “against conservatives or liberals,” to which he responded, “I would say a majority of it are for Republicans, because they’re all from Russia, and they wanted Trump to win.”

When asked again if they would mostly just get rid of conservatives, Singh replied, “Yeah.”

This isn’t just one employee admitting to this, it’s a total of eight.

One of the techniques that Twitter is using to silence conservative voices is that of “shadow banning.” To shadow ban someone means that they are removed from the public eye, but the individual user themselves is not aware of this removal, thinking that people just don’t want to interact with their content.

The reality is people aren’t interacting because the content isn’t showing up due to the shadow ban.

This sort of thing exposes the hypocrisy of the left and their supposed claims of inclusivity and tolerance. If a person is “tolerant” of opposing viewpoints, that generally means that while they may disagree with a person’s views and ideas, they have enough respect for said individual as a human being to allow them the same freedom of expression they themselves possess with an intent to engage those ideas and beliefs with their own.

This is not how the left functions at all. The only tolerance they exhibit is a tolerance for those who are open to the idea of group think, of not engaging with other worldviews or testing their own worldview to see if it is true.

Twitter claims to be a place for people to express themselves freely, but apparently that only applies to those who find themselves politically aligned with the left.