England’s NHS Distributes “Inclusive” Pamphlets On Cervix Exams With No Mention Of Bio Women


In an effort to be as inclusive as possible to everyone other than biological women, the United Kingdom’s Public Health England has created a pamphlet for the National Health Service (NHS) concerning cervix screenings for transgender men but left out information for actual biological women.

In their effort to be inclusive they literally excluded women.

According to RT News, the pamphlet provides special instructions for transgender individuals on how to proceed with getting a cervix exam. Although biological women need the test every 3 to 5 years to screen for cervical cancer, there is no mention of this or any instruction for them.

“If you are registered as male you will not receive invitations, but your GP or practice nurse can arrange an appointment for you if you have a cervix. If you are a trans woman you do not need a cervical screening,” the leaflet reads.

RT reports that when the exclusion of biological women was noticed, the information was amended to say, “Cervical screening is for women and people with a cervix.” [Emphasis ours]

Public Health England (PHE) defended the pamphlet in the name of (say it with me now) “inclusivity.”

“We should be at the forefront of being inclusive, but also ensure we do not alienate the core populations that screening information is aimed at,” the organization said in a statement. They should be more concerned with being at the forefront of medical accuracy.

Even with the correction, the phrase “people with a cervix” has drawn criticism and rightfully so. As Nicola Williams, Director of the Fair Play for Women campaign group points out, people whose first language is not English could have a difficult time understanding the wording.

“That is why we use common language like a ‘woman,’” she said.

Evidently, this isn’t the first time PHE made an abysmal effort to be “inclusive.” As RT points out, back in 2018 the organization produced a booklet called “Information for Trans People,” in which they stated that people would be offered tests based on what gender they identify with rather than their gender at birth. 

Naturally, this led to people skipping out on important health screenings that could potentially detect cancer or heart disease.

Inclusivity is apparently more important than actual medical biology. It’s completely ludicrous that medical professionals are encouraging people to live out their gender dysphoria to the point of actually skipping potentially life-saving health screenings.

It also appears that being “inclusive” only applies to those who are transgender as biological women seem to repeatedly get ignored and left out.

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