Episcopal School Defends Banning Words Like “Boys and Girls,” “Mom and Dad” After Backlash


An Episcopal school in New York City is defending its decision to ban the use of terms like “Mom” and “Dad” in its recently-published “Inclusive Language Guide” for students and staff.

According to The Christian Post, The Grace Church School, a private Manhattan Episcopal school serving 770 students from preschool to twelfth grade and charging over $57,000 per year in tuition, published the controversial guide to “address ways we can remove harmful assumptions from the way we interact with each other.”

The guide calls on everyone in the school to use alternatives to traditional, gender-based phrases.

After being met with a significant uproar over the extreme political correctness imposed by the guide, Head of School George P. Davison issued a statement defending the policy.

“Policing language demonstrates more concern for getting a community to use the right words than for cultivating a sense of belonging for its members,” Davison’s statement reads, in part. “That is why our Inclusive Language Guide does not ban any words.”

Davison said that the new policy would help to “give us all words that will bring people together.”

“So if the boorish ‘cancel culture’ press wants to condemn us a newly dubbed ‘Woke Noho’ school of politeness, dignity and respect, then I embrace it, and I hope you will too,” he declared.

As for the guide itself, it encourages the use of “gender inclusive language” to “provide critical affirmation to students across the gender spectrum.”

Instead of referring to “boys and girls,” “guys,” and “ladies and gentlemen,” the guide instructs those in the school to use more neutral words like “people, folks, friends, readers, (and) mathematicians.”

The guide also advises against “sweetheart/honey/similar pet names,” which are often used to address people of both genders and denounces “outdated terms” such as “hermaphrodite” and “transsexual/transvestite/crossdresser.”

The Christian Post continues:

Stressing the importance of not “making assumptions about who kids live with,” members of the Grace Church School community are urged to abandon the use of the terms “Mom and Dad” in favor of “grown-ups, folks, or family.” The aforementioned gender-neutral terms are also cited as favorable alternatives to the term “parents,” along with “guardians.”

The idea of the “traditional family” is described as an “outdated term” because “each family is unique.” The guide also treats the terms “husband, wife, boyfriend, (and) girlfriend” as problematic, instead advocating for the use of “spouse/partner/significant other.”

Asserting that “human sexuality exists across a spectrum,” the guide instructs students to avoid using “heteronormative assumptions” and identifies phrases such as “ladies’ man,” “boys will love those eyelashes” and “your mom and dad must be so proud” as problematic.

If someone says “a boy can’t marry a boy” or “a girl can’t marry a girl,” students are advised to respond by saying, “People can love and commit to whomever they please, it’s their choice who they marry.”

Students are also being taught to reject the belief that “sexual orientation is a choice rather than an identity” and to affirm: “Who we love/are attracted to is part of who we are.”

Astonishingly, the guide even urges students and staff not to say “Happy Holidays,” which has long been an inclusive alternative to “Merry Christmas,” which the guide also warns against saying. So as not to exclude those who don’t celebrate certain or any holidays at all, students are advised to simply say, “Have a great break!”

Folks, paying what amounts to a year’s salary for many folks just to send your child off to a supposedly Christian school just to be indoctrinated into the cult of progressivism is insane. Lord have mercy on our wicked culture!

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