The Global Effort To Punish Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids Is Ramping Up


The vaccine crackdown has officially begun.

Reports circulating at the start of this month have shown that countries like Italy and Australia have begun to legislate the use of vaccines, forcing parents to immunize their children regardless of personal beliefs on the controversial topic.

To enforce their rules, officials are taking drastic—and tyrannical—measures.

Italy, Germany, France, and southern Australia have all recently taken government-sponsored steps—not only to encourage the use of vaccines, but to punish parents who choose to forgo the preventative treatments and opt out of recommended vaccinations.


Here’s where they’re at (via Vox):

“Here’s a quick roundup of the global crackdown on vaccine-refusing parents:

Italy’s parliament recently passed a law that makes 10 childhood vaccinations mandatory for kids up to age 16, and requires parents to prove their children are immunized before entering school or else face a €500 (about $600 USD) noncompliance fine.

Germany is also cracking down on vaccine-refusing parents: Its parliament approved a law that obliges administrators at kindergartens to report parents who refuse counseling from their doctors about vaccines. Health ministries can then also fine the vaccine-hesitant parents up to €2,500 (about $3,000 USD).

In France, the health ministry is making 11 vaccines — up from the current three (diphtheria, tetanus, and polio) — mandatory for children by 2018, though there’s no talk of a fine there yet.

Further afield, the state of South Australia is considering punishing vaccine-denier enablers with its “no jab, no play” legislation: The law would ban unvaccinated kids from preschool and day care and fine schools that admit un-immunized children $30,000 Australian dollars ($24,000 USD). The law in South Australia is modelled on similarly stringent laws in other Australian states, and across the country, parents with children who aren’t immunized aren’t eligible for child care benefits.”

So here’s the real question: where is the U.S. on this issue?

“The US is currently a patchwork of vaccine laws, and states with tougher laws have lower rates of vaccine refusals.”

Every state has requirements for students, but most have additional exceptions for those who have conflicting religious beliefs. 18 states have “philosophical exemptions” for those people who are ideologically against vaccinating their children.

California has made it especially tough to get around the vaccine requirement, and the numbers would show it’s been a successful tactic.

Nevertheless, this is an example of government overreach that needs a second look.


Too much government overreach here could mean too much government overreach elsewhere at some point down the road.

Not to mention the fact that many of the issues with vaccines go beyond ideology—for pro-life advocates, for example, it’s a concern that some are lined with tissue from aborted fetuses. You can read more about that here.

Did you hear that? Babies were murdered to make these vaccines. The rubella vaccine (MMR), the chicken pox vaccine, the polio vaccine, and hepatitis A are all created from the tissue of aborted babies.

Japan swabs the throat of a child for their rubella vaccine, but we kill babies for it.

However, since Sound Choice Pharmaceutical researchers proved these vaccines cause an inordinate amount of neurological damage compared to other vaccines, there’s more than one reason to be very wary about injecting it into your babies.

Protecting our freedoms— in this case, parental rights — should be the top priority.


Source: Vox