Ex-Homosexual Celebrates 27 Years Straight


Daryl Foster was raised in a small town Pentecostal church in Texas. Raised primarily by his mother, he and his seven siblings were expected to pursue Christian lifestyles. Daryl loved everything about church. “But Inside I had this growing feeling of being different. I didn’t even know how to articulate it to myself yet. I had a strange attraction to other boys that I didn’t understand.”

Well that sure fits the bill of a hard-core, born-that-way, unchangeable homosexual, doesn’t it? Keep reading.

By age 11, the absence of Daryl’s father left him not only with a great amount of hostility, but a strong desire for male validation and comfort. His affections toward people of the same sex grew, but, knowing homosexuality was wrong, he kept quiet.

Age 13 began a four-year period of molestation by an older boy from Foster’s church, a “love-hate relationship” which confirmed Foster’s attraction to males. Knowing homosexuality was a sin, he wanted to change. So he fasted, prayed, attended church regularly, attended revival services, and begged God for healing. But nothing changed.

He decided to put an end to his relationship with his molestor and brought the matter before his church elders, whom he expected to help. But instead, the unthinkable happened. He was blamed for his abuse. Stricken by grief and confusion, Foster forsook his faith, left his church, and fully embraced the homosexual lifestyle.

Fits the liberal narrative of a homosexual perfectly, don’t you think?? Just wait.

Nineteen-year-old Daryl Foster went off to college and began the process of complete assimilation into the homosexual culture. He spent eleven years living in what felt to him like complete freedom. But at the end of the day, Foster was still left with a deep loneliness that no amount of parties, nights at a club, or partners could satisfy. His loneliness quickly turned into depression and suicidal thoughts.

He hated God.

Twenty seven years ago today, he sat down to write a letter explaining his suicide to the people he blamed. But he had a vision.

A scene of Jesus’ crucifixion played out before him. He saw a man carrying a cross, and even found his own face in the crowd of scoffers. Foster claims Jesus looked at him and said, “I did all of this for you.”

The images moved him to the core. He fell on his face and repented, committing his life to Christ. “I don’t know how long I laid on my face. But when I got up, I was a new creation.”

Foster began attending a church, where he eventually became an assistant pastor. He developed healthy relationships with godly men who healed him of his feelings of worthlessness.

Soon after, he married his wife, Dee Graham, with whom he had five children. He is the founder and director of “The Overcomers Network”, an organization built to help homosexuals find freedom from their sin and joy and fulfillment in Jesus Christ!

So the next time someone tells you homosexuals can’t change, just remember that today, Pastor D.L. Foster is celebrating 27 years of freedom from homosexuality.

For more information or help, please contact Pastor Foster at www.WitnessForTheWorld.org.