Ex-LGBT Christians Share Their Powerful Testimonies In Upcoming Documentary ‘Here’s My Heart’


The world would like you to believe that homosexuality cannot be changed. Lukewarm Christians would like you to believe you can practice homosexuality and justify a homosexual lifestyle and be a good Christian. But the Truth of the matter is that homosexuality can be changed and overcome–in Christ. 

Here’s My Heart: A Documentary of Surrendering to Freedom is an upcoming film which will feature the testimonies of 12 former LGBT men and women who have been set free in Christ.

The project was spearheaded by MJ Nixon, who was delivered from the bonds of homosexuality six years ago. She spoke with us last week about her inspiration for the film.

“The greatest thing about the LGBT community is that they understand is that the more unified they are, the louder their presence and their movement and their voice is,” she explains. “The Lord started showing me all these people that I knew in the different groups and communities that I’ve been a part of in the last six years since I’ve been saved. All these men and women who have powerful testimonies of only the power of God being able to set them free from being transgender, being bisexual, being homosexual.”

She explains that God wanted them to come together to share their testimony on one, unified platform.

“He said, ‘you’re going to unify these people together and you’re going to share their testimonies and I’m going to give you a platform to share these testimonies so that you all can come together and be unified for Christ. And also to equip the body of Christ on how to minister more respectfully to the LBGT community.'”

The film features six men and six women who all walked down unique paths out of the bondage of sin. She found that in her own life, she already had a powerful network of what she calls “overcomers”, many of whom were featured in the film. Social media played a big role in connecting her with the overcomers, and she also had met and knew many people as well through events she’d spoken at and ministries for ex-LGBT individuals. Of course, for the most part, the individuals featured in the film came together by the leadership of God.

“The main component is the Holy Spirit,” she adds, laughing. “And a lot of prayer.”

MJ says that it is not only those who are still in the world who need to hear these testimonies but those in the church who try to deny the fact that homosexuality is a sin.


“What I have found is that one of the hardest groups to reach is the Christians who believe it is OK to live this lifestyle and love Jesus,” she explains. “I look at Romans 1:26 I cannot deny that this is unnatural. No matter how much I try to justify it, it’s unnatural. When God showed me the truth of His Word, it set me free. And I couldn’t look at it and say ‘no God, I wanna live the way I wanna live.’”

Instead, she realized, “’You’re showing me the Truth, and this is Life.’”

“The world just wants to point at the overcomers and see them fall and say ‘see, you were living a false truth, you were living a false reality you can’t get separated from this’ but that’s not true.”

In a teaser for the film, which is set to be released next year, MJ’s voiceover says that ‘this is the story they didn’t want me to share.’

When asked what it exactly it was that people don’t want her to share, she says:”That freedom that a lot of people don’t believe. It’s like homosexuality is like the unforgivable sin or something. That’s what I try to come and share. Sin is sin, and whether it’s an alcoholic, whether it’s a fornicator, whether it’s an adulterous person, whether it’s homosexuality, we’ve all fallen short and we all need a Savior.

Ultimately, Christ died for our sins, and regardless of what those sins are, we all have redemption in Him.

“I don’t put this in a different category than anything else. It’s in the category of sin. Jesus didn’t come to condemn but to save.”

So far, the film is being produced based entirely on donations. They would like to premiere it at the beginning of next year, so if you’d like to stay up to date on the film please visit the official Here’s My Heart documentary website. If you feel led to do so, please consider a donation to support this powerful project.