Ex-Trans Drag Queen Reveals How Being Exposed to Cross-Dressing As Child Led Him to Gender Confusion


LGBT activists have been quite successful at taking over the public education system with their dangerous ideology and propaganda. They have managed to convince school district after school district to incorporate lessons on “inclusivity” and “anti-bullying” and “sexual health” centered on gender fluidity, homosexuality, and transgenderism while over in our public libraries, drag queens have claimed storytime for their very own grooming arenas. Children are being handed over to the wolves by their very own, perhaps well-meaning albeit ignorant, parents.

However, people who have walked away from a gender-confused lifestyle are beginning to speak up against the dangers of exposing children to these wicked and harmful ideas that can lead people to irreversibly mutilate their bodies.

WND reports:

The effort to normalize transgenderism, including promoting it to children, is dangerous, contends a British man who now regrets the irreversible surgeries touted to him as a way to “become a woman.”

Peter Benjamin, 60, had been married three times, suffered addictions to cross-dressing and alcohol, and decided to become a woman “full-time” after he lost his third wife to cancer, according to the British charity Christian Concern.

He explained his addiction “began as a 10-year-old boy, when he was taken to a drag queen show at a cabaret club while on holiday with his family.”

“Today when I see and hear of books being read to children in schools such as ‘10,000 Dresses,'” he said, “I see the same influence that led me to this harmful addiction.”

He said more “must be done to protect our children, not to encourage them to pursue the same destructive path that I have had.”

The message from Benjamin is clear: the transgender lifestyle serves to only compound, rather than alleviate, mental health issues. This has been the message from other ex-transgender people also, such as Charlie Evans, who has even started an advocacy group to help others living with the regret of transitioning. When gender dysphoria is left unchecked and sufferers are instead encouraged to “live their truth” the results are tragic.

Benjamin’s story details  the multiple  times medical professionals looked past his obvious mental health issues and went along with his idea of becoming a woman. The number of medical professionals he had to go through is shocking and each and every one of them ignored his mental health condition and did their part in helping him mutilate and abuse his body more and more. The end result was the NHS actually paying for his gender reassignment surgery.

According to Christian Concern, Benjamin says of the whole ordeal, “I never thought cross-dressing would lead me to having an operation to become a woman. I had addictions, I was drinking heavily, and I was having suicidal thoughts, but at every appointment, whether with the NHS, privately, or at transgender support groups, I was encouraged to carry on the path to gender reassignment surgery and to become ‘Victoria.’ There was no caution or restraint, I was simply told, for example: ‘Yes, you are definitely transgender, I’m prescribing you hormones.’ It costs the NHS and myself thousands of pounds for me to go through the process.”

This is a tragic story of medical negligence and state-funded physical mutilation.  

It’s interesting to note that Benjamin said he never even thought about becoming a girl until his parents took him to a drag queen show. This is exactly why children have parents; to guard their innocence and protect them from ideas and images that are too complicated, inappropriate, and immoral for them to process in a healthy way.

Benjamin said, “Children are impressionable, the government can’t see what harm they are doing, and I appeal to them and the Department for Education to halt this influence in schools now,”

“Parents are now openly allowing their children to be exposed to the transgender agenda as they think if they don’t allow it, their children will be depressed or become mentally ill. It’s not true. When I was 5 or 6, I had no thought of becoming a girl. It wasn’t until I was exposed to men in dresses at cabaret shows that my mind went that way.”

“My message from my experience is that the transgender life, even surgery itself, did not solve my problem and led me to misery, suicidal thoughts and depression,” he said.

What did finally lead Benjamin to find peace and security was the church and becoming a Christian. Only the Lord Jesus can give us the peace and clarity we so desperately need to navigate through life in this fallen world.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, had some powerful thoughts on Peter Benjamin’s story and the transgender ideology in general, saying, “It is tragic that such a vulnerable man was given a life-changing, irreversible and ultimately devastating operation without his profound mental health issues being addressed properly.”

She went on to say, “What Peter has been through is catastrophic. Just imagine what we are doing to our young children when we follow the same medical path.”

Exposing young children to drag queens at “storytime hours” is not just innocent “inclusive” fun. It’s dangerous and encourages children to imagine things they are not mature enough to think about or process fully, potentially leading them to go down a dark path of irreversible physical mutilation and regret.

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