Ex-Transgender Woman Defends Alabama Child Transition Ban Bill: “This Is Child Abuse”


As Alabama’s “Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act” (VCAP) gains momentum, much support for the bill is coming from an incredibly important source: former transgender people.

Known as “desisters” or “detransitioners,” these men and women have experienced gender dysphoria and, to varying degrees, “transition” and life as the opposite sex, only to eventually realize that their bodies did not need to be altered and mutilated in order to match their minds.

At a press conference following public testimony regarding VCAP, several desisters shared their experiences of gender identity crisis and revealed the complete and utter sham that today’s “gender-affirmative” model of care is built upon.

“I wanted to be a boy, but instead of affirming those feelings and insisting that I was, in fact, a boy, [a school psychologist] helped me to understand those feelings and put me on the path of resolution,” said Erin Brewer, a woman who identified as a boy during her youth. “When I was a child, transitioning meant changing my name—I wanted to be called Timothy. I wanted to be allowed to use the boys bathroom, and I wanted to be called by ‘he.’ But now transitioning is so much bigger.”

“It starts as early as 4 or 5 years old,” Brewer explained, proceeding to show those in attendance a “packer,” particularly a very small one marketed to girls under 5 years old. The small prosthetic penis, Brewer noted, was for “little girls to put in their panties in order to help them transition so that they present more like a boy.”

“I want to note that most of these girls who have transgender identities have been subjected to trauma—oftentimes sexual assault or sexual abuse,” Brewer continued. “So, rather than getting them appropriate medical care, trans activists are suggesting that they put a fake penis in these little girls’ panties and send them off to school as a boy. This is child abuse.”

“This is telling a child that the self-hatred she has for herself as a result of sexual assault is appropriate,” Brewer concluded. “Instead of getting appropriate mental health services, she is told that it’s good that she hates herself, that she needs to change her body, she needs to be a different person. This just reaffirms all the self-hatred that she has.”

Walt Heyer, a former transgender “woman” who has since become a crusader against transgender insanity, was also present to give his incredible testimony and declare that the consequences for failing to pass VCAP will be “dire.”

“While we talk a lot about hormone blockers and people transitioning, one thing that we really need to understand is that there are consequences and the consequences are dire,” Heyer declared. “We’re losing an entire generation of kids…More and more often I’m getting emails in my inbox of younger and younger people asking for help because they started on hormones at the age of 15.”

“It’s critical to understand that they don’t need hormones, they don’t need surgery, they really need to have good psychotherapy and help in understanding that they’re just fine the way they are.”

“I myself went through this gender change procedure, and as a result of that, I wanted to take my life. In fact, I attempted to take my life,” Heyer stated. “Let’s save our children from that horrible outcome of feeling so distressed by themselves and taking the hormones that they might take their life.”


I am sincerely optimistic that the groundswell of ex-transgender individuals will become a mighty voice for the restoration of sanity and the protection of young children. However, the ideal goal is for these precious children not to become collateral damage in the transgender onslaught in the first place!

If you are in Alabama, reach out to your state representative and senator now and urge them to support the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act (House Bill 303 and Senate Bill 219)!

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