EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Vulgar Lawyer Behind Delaware Proposal To Allow Children To Change Gender/Race


Warning: post contains obscene images

We have kept a close eye on Regulation 225 in Delaware, a proposed law that would allow school children to choose their own race and gender without even informing the parents. Just yesterday we reported on the concern parents are expressing over the potential of such a high overreach of government authority over the heads of parents.

We received a very explosive tip today from a source which has chosen to remain anonymous that one of the men behind the proposal posts vulgar language and images on social media, even using a well-known gay slur.

Mark Purpura is a lawyer working on the Delaware Department of Education’s Anti-Discrimination Development Team, who has publicly disparaged parents who oppose the bill.

Despite the fact that Purpura thinks it is of the utmost importance that all parental rights be suspended for the sake of making a minority number of transgender students potentially feel more comfortable, he has no problem using vulgar terms to describe homosexuals or posting about activities quite unbecoming to such a public figure.

What kind of example is that setting for the children of Delaware who are being told this law is just about “anti-bullying” and “anti-discrimination”?

Can you imagine if these posts were of the heterosexual nature? How easy it would be to squash his career like a bug? And yet he has no shame being “out and proud”.

This. Is. What. Is. Wrong. With. The. LGBT. Agenda.

It is not about rights, equality, or even anti-bullying. It’s about perverting, quite literally, the hearts and minds of our children into minds that are full of filth and sexuality.

This proposal is a disgrace to everything we hold dear in America and absolutely needs to be stopped. Share this far and wide so people can see the real spirit of this “anti-discrimination” proposal!