EXPOSED: Loudoun County School Board Was Informed on the Day of Alleged Bathroom Assault


Controversy surrounding the Loudoun County, Virginia school board and district continues to rage as a recently released email reveals that the board was informed the day that a transgender student allegedly assaulted a female student in a bathroom on school campus.

The board has made national headlines on numerous occasions over the last year, as parents go head-to-head with its members over controversial policies including transgender bathroom and pronoun policies as well as curricula involving ideology known as critical race theory.

Earlier this month, the National School Board Association (NSBA) issued an open letter to President Joe Biden calling on his administration to address the “threats” posed to school boards and teachers which they likened to “domestic terrorism.”

The following week, the Department of Justice heeded the call, ordering the FBI to work with local school boards and law enforcement to address this alleged threat.

In their letter, the NSBA pointed to an arrest that had taken place during a heated Loudoun County school board meeting, but explosive reporting from The Daily Wire revealed that the father in question, Scott Smith, had been arrested just after the superintendent of the district said during the meeting that there had been no incidents of sexual assault involving transgender students on campus.

However, Smith says that his daughter was sexually assaulted in a gender neutral bathroom by a male student wearing a skirt and, what’s more, after the alleged assailant was arrested and transferred to a different school, he went on to allegedly assault another female student in a classroom.

Smith and his wife are now suing the school district, which is facing increasing pressure over the extent to which it covered-up the assault.

Now, an email released to local outlet WTOP reveals that Loudoun County Schools Superintendent, Scott Ziegler, was not only perfectly aware of the assault himself but emailed the members of the school board to alert them of the occurrence on the day that it happened.

“The purpose of this email is to provide you with information regarding an incident that occurred at Stone Bridge HS. This afternoon a female student alleged that a male student sexually assaulted her in the restroom. The LCSO is investigating the matter,” Ziegler wrote on May 28.

Ziegler, who denied during a school board meeting over the summer that there had been any incidents of assault, issued a statement this month after Smith’s story began to circulate.

“First, let me say to the families and students involved, my heart aches for you,” he said. “And I am sorry that we failed to provide the safe, welcoming and affirming environment that we aspire to provide. We acknowledge and share your pain and we will continue to offer you support to help your families through this trauma.”

He also explained that his prior comments made during an August school board meeting were “misleading and I apologize for the distress that error caused families.”

The district opted to release his email to the board last week after it “received a number of questions from community members regarding if, and when, the School Board was made aware of the alleged sexual assault that occurred May 28 at Stone Bridge High School.”

The district said in a statement that “The School Board was not provided specific details or the names of those involved, and were advised by Dr. Ziegler that they would not receive updates regarding this matter, as it was being investigated by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.”

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