EXCLUSIVE: ‘TAM’ Interviews Pastor Greg Locke Following “Transgender Nonsense” Facebook Ban


Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke created a video on Wednesday of last week that discussed the “transgender nonsense” that’s impacting our culture in today’s modern times. The post quickly garnered more than 600,000 views before it was promptly deleted by Facebook as a violation of community standards.

“it was a nonabrasive video from my vantage point. it was less pointed than my target video. i was surprised because the target video was much more bold and demonstrative,” Locke told ‘The Activist Mommy.’

Pastor Locke was informed he’d be banned from posting on his account for 24 hours, and that should he repeat his “offense,” he could be permanently barred from using his accounts.

“it was obviously reported. it has to be reported thousands and thousands of times. i was just shocked that they chose that one and then threatened that ban.”

Locke went on to say that he guessed the video would “cause a stir.” And he won’t be silenced, he adds.

“i think now by shutting it down, they’re going to see that it’s going to grow even more.”

Once Pastor Locke was able to post again, he quickly added a second video that expressed these sentiments.

And as a result, his page has seen 5,000 new likes in one day alone.

This isn’t the first time the Pastor has posted a controversial video about LGBT issues. Locke, as a Christian minister at Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, has been at it for years in preaching the truth about the LGBT agenda.

And as that time has passed, he’s seen such significant backlash, he’s said it’s changed the way his family is able to live on a day-to-day basis.

“we’ve had to bring on a tight knit security team at the church. and when i travel, that’s when i’m most vulnerable, we’ve started to have to take somebody with me. bomb threats to the church, just nonsense.”

Ultimately, however, Locke says he’s not afraid of “Facebook jail”—or “real jail,” for that matter.

“I will speak the truth, and I will not be silenced.”

Locke isn’t the only one to fall victim to Facebook’s community standards.

‘The Activist Mommy’ Elizabeth Johnston received the same Facebook ban last year following a video that she posted that cited Leviticus, condemning homosexuality as being “detestable” and an “abomination.” The video was removed by Facebook and ‘The Activist Mommy’ was banned from her site for 24 hours.

You can read more on that here.

At this time, Pastor Locke’s transgender video remains deleted from facebook, but the pastor says this about the censorship: “While I have this massive platform, I’m going to use it to speak biblical philosophy and theology. This preacher is not for sale.”