Facebook Deletes “Defending Natural Marriage” Post Promoting Voting Drive


On August 17, the Facebook page Defending Natural Marriage revealed that Facebook had deleted one of their posts urging their readers to register to vote.

The page was urging people to register to vote against a same-sex marriage equality plebiscite, or referendum, in Australia.

In a statement, Defending Natural Marriage wrote:

“Remember our post urging people to enroll as a voter? Well, Facebook has decided that it goes against their “Community Standards”, subsequently removing our contents and banning one of our admins for 30 days, harming our collective efficiency as an organisation to campaign on this issue. Meanwhile, similar posts on the opposite side of the debate remains untouched! This is blatant censorship of Natural Marriage supporters on Facebook’s part! If we do not fight this battle, our freedom will surely be taken from us!”

Here are some posts Facebook has deemed acceptable by their community standards.

Facebook users were not happy with the discriminatory censorship practices.