Facebook Deplatforms Activist Group Speaking Out Against Drag Queen Story Hour


For the third time, Facebook has shuttered the page for 500 Mom Strong, an activist group led by Anna Bohach that seeks to defend communities against drag queen story time events.

Bohach, of Spokane, Washington, first formed 500 Mom Strong to organize protests against drag events for children, which she says features “hyper-sexualized caricatures of women.”

“A Drag Queen is no different than a racist donning black face,” the group’s website explains. “They mock women and debase our womanhood and femininity.  The event is a sexist minstrel show teaching our sons that women are just sexual objects and it is teaching our daughters that they must be overly sexualized to be desired.”

Since then, 500 Mom Strong’s message has reached thousands of people in spite of the social media giant’s repeat attempts to silence it in the name of fighting transphobia.

In an interview with LifeSite News, Bohach says Facebook removed the “transphobic” page because it violated the community standards.

Bohach’s first page, “500 Mom Strong” was deplatformed back in July of last year. “500 Mom Stronger,” a reiteration of the page, was unpublished back in January.

Bohach says she was told that Facebook does not allow “people to set up new Pages that represent Pages that have already been removed from our platform.”

“When I asked them about the half dozen other fake 500 Mom Strong pages that were put up by drag queens used to parody 500 Mom Strong, I received no answer and the pages are still active,” she told the Christian Post. “There is also a fake profile, created by drag queens, using my name and information that has been reported multiple times by my friends and me that Facebook refuses to remove. I asked the Facebook representative about it and I still have yet to receive an answer.”

Bohach maintains that her page isn’t about hate, it’s about standing up to misogyny.

“Drag Queens are very offensive to women. They are hyper-sexualized caricatures of women,” the activist declared. “They mock women and debase our womanhood and femininity.”

“We all need to wake up and realize that this is not just about differing opinions,” Bohach wrote following her page’s first removal from Facebook. “This is an unholy war being waged against women, children, Christians, feminist lesbians, and anyone who is remotely conservative. It is being battled out in universities, public schools, libraries, governmental bureaucracies, corporations, social media, corporate news complex, and Hollywood. We are losing this war, big time. It is time to fight back. It is time to make a stand. It is time to take our society back.”

As we’ve reported in the past, Bohach is one of many conservative voices to be stifled on platforms like YouTubeTwitterFacebook, and even Etsy.

That won’t stop Bohach and 500 Mom Strong.

“We have no plans to slow down or stop our activism,” she said.

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