Facebook Pulls Conservative Ad Calling Out Biden Policies That Allow Men in Women’s Sports


Social media fact-checkers strike again!

An ad from the American Principles Project (APP) shedding light on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his party for supporting policies under the controversial Equality Act that would threaten women’s access to sports has been pulled following a critical editorial on the ad by Politifact.

“Today, it has become clear that the greatest threat to free and fair American elections is not Russia or some other nefarious foreign actor,” said APP executive director Terry Schilling in a news release, according to LifeSite News. “It is America’s own Big Tech conglomerates — Facebook chief among them.”

“It would be understandable, though still very troubling, if Facebook removed an ad for being ‘fact-checked’ as false. However, our ad has not been found false by any fact-checker, nor could it be.”

Politifact conceded as much in its review of the ad, saying that APP’s “specific criticism is that allowing transgender girls and women to compete on the basis of their gender identity would create an uneven playing field for student athlete and ultimately end girls’ and women’s sports. That’s a prediction we can’t fact-check.”

Instead, APP reports, the ad was flagged by Facebook for “missing context,” thanks to the Politifact review offering the oft-repeated talking point that the Equality Act is simply about extending civil rights protections to LGBT people.

As we’ve frequently reported, this Dem talking point is an inexcusably condensed explanation of exactly what the Equality Act would do.

We’ve already seen what happens to female athletes when transgender “girls” and “women” are allowed by school policies to compete according to their “gender identity” with minimal and unscientific guidelines. Transgender athletes identifying as female dominate matches and tournaments, such as the case of the two Connecticut sprinters who dominated state championships, muscling the top biological females out of the race.

In the case of MMA fighter Fallon Fox, a transgender “woman” who fractured two of her biological female opponents’ skulls, sometimes they quite literally crush the competition.

“Policies supported by Joe Biden, Sen. Gary Peters and other Democrats would destroy girls’ sports. There is ample evidence for this claim and more coming in every day. Nothing in the PolitiFact review shows this claim to be false,” said Schilling.

In the banned ad, which you can watch in full beow, APP calls on Michiganders to vote against Sen. Gary Peters, a sponsor of the Equality Act, and former Vice President Biden, who said earlier this year that passing the bill would be among his top priorities if he ascends to the presidency.

“All female athletes want is a fair shot at competition, at a scholarship, at a title, at victory,” the ad explains. “But what if that shot was taken away by a competitor who claims to be a girl but was born a boy? Senator Gary Peters and Joe Biden support legislation that would destroy girls’ sports. They call it equality. Really? That’s not fair. Not fair at all.”

In the news release, Schilling denounced Facebook’s actions as part of a “frightening trend of Big Tech censorship, particularly of conservative ideas,” adding that the organization is appealing the decision to ban the ad.

“If our nation’s cherished First Amendment protection of free speech and expression is to meaningfully survive in the years to come,” Schilling concluded, “then Silicon Valley must change and quickly.”

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