Facebook Scraps Rainbow “Pride” Reaction, But Replaces It With This Instead


You might not have heard about it, but May was Military Appreciation Month. Not only did we pause for a moment on Memorial Day to remember the lives lost in defense of our great nation as well as veterans who are no longer with us.

Graveyards across the nation are filled with small American flags on the graves of those who have, over two centuries, sacrificed their lives and safety to maintain our way of life.

During the month of May, different states have designated Military Appreciation Day celebrations throughout the month, and we also honor Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Armed Forces Day.

Yet while the brave men and women of our armed forces have done far more to further the liberty of all Americans, Military Appreciation Month has little fanfare compared to the following month.

Pride Month.

It is a month that has quickly surpassed other months meant to honor civil rights, notably African American History Month, which, despite the intersectional politics of our day, seems to be far less prevalent than Pride Month.

The month-long “celebration” of all things LGBTQ+ and rainbow is everywhere. From corporate advertisements to TV specials to massive parades across the country and even the globe.

Last year, Facebook even featured a rainbow “reaction” to Facebook posts, although precisely what emotion that was meant to display is unclear (was anyone really desperate to say “I rainbow this post”? Isn’t that what a reaction is for, to express a reaction? Whatever…)

They’re scrapping the feature this year–but never to fear, there will be plenty of “biblical appropriation” of the symbol of the covenant God made with Noah (Genesis 9) on the social media giant.

Facebook is rolling out instead filters, stickers, and frames for pictures, according to LGBTQ Nation: 

“The new features will be available through Messenger Camera,” LGBT Nation notes, “and won’t stop at the end of the month” (our emphasis.)

Opposing the presence of these rainbow symbols on Facebook can be dangerous, as one pastor learned last year.

Pastor Rich Penkoski of the Warriors for Christ Facebook page was forced to move his family after backlash from his page’s policy that anyone using the rainbow symbol would be banned by admin.

Police advised Penkoski to move after feces were sent to his home address, which was listed on the page, along with keyed cars and several instances of strangers pacing outside.

This is the fruit of this movement. Get in line, or step aside. Facebook is a platform that presents Christians with powerful opportunities to preach the Gospel, but don’t ever forget whose side Mark Zuckerberg is ultimately on, or how many violent and angry people are just waiting for an excuse to pounce on Christians.

This validation of their blatantly ideological agenda, at the expense of respect for Facebook’s millions of Christian users, is a very good demonstration of the fruit of this massively big company.