Fairfax Country, Virginia Features Sexually Explicit LGBT Books Next to Holy Bible for Holiday Display


A library in Fairfax County, Virginia faced a swift backlash after opting to include two sexually explicit books featuring graphic depictions of sexual acts, including pedophilia, next to the Holy Bible in a display celebrating holiday reading.

What’s more, the books, Gender Queer and Lawnboy, have received nationwide attention after a mother read the graphic sexual content out loud during a school board meeting in September, prompting the school to temporarily pull the books from high school libraries for a review.

The Bible, meanwhile, was depicted as being held by a gnome with a rainbow hat.

They were recently reinstated, despite the fact that Gender Queer, a graphic novel, features pornographic images including a drawing of a sex act between a man and a boy, while Lawnboy features a dialogue in which a character reveals he engaged in sex acts with a grown man when he was in fourth grade.

The Dolley Madison Library, however, quickly pulled the books from their display after their presence next to the Bible, particularly during the holiday season, sparked outrage.

“The Dolley Madison Library holiday reading display was intended to highlight the freedom to read and the fact that many library patrons have more time during the holidays to do so,” Fairfax County Public Library Director Jessica Hudson told Fox News on Tuesday. “It was not the intention of staff to create a display that could be construed as offensive. The display has been removed.”

Stacy Langton, the mother who went viral after reading aloud from Gender Queer and Lawnboy, posted about the display on Twitter.

She later told Fox News that she believed the ”brazen” display was “intentional” and “meant to be offensive.”

“The timing on this – it’s an intentional dig,” she also said. “It’s a dig on the parents who object to pornography and pedophilia-themed materials in the library, and it’s a dig on Christians as a whole. I think everybody knows where Jesus stands on pedophilia.”

“They’re saying that we’re not entitled to want a library space that is free of porn and pedophilia,” Langton continued.

“The tolerant Left is giving you guys some holiday hate,” she declared.

“Merry Christmas, taxpayers of Fairfax County, Merry Christmas,” she added sarcastically.

Although the display was pulled, Langton says she has organized a protest outside the library for Saturday.

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